Thursday, 15 March 2018

A Plot To Expel Russia From UN Security Council

Urgent: There’s A Plot To Expel Russia From UN Security Council
Western countries have launched an operation to expel Russia from the UN Security Council, as stated by the first deputy head of the Federation Council’s economic committee, Sergei Kalashnikov.

14 March, 2018

According to the deputy, the recent statements of British Prime Minister Theresa May indicate the beginning of the operation. “The West has begun a very powerful operation in order to throw Russia out of the UN Security Council,” he explained.

Kalashnikov added that Russia is a “very uncomfortable player” for the West, which is why “all the attacks on our country are taking place.” He also admitted that, legally, Britain could indeed arrest Russian state assets. He urged the withdrawal of funds invested in British securities.

A few days earlier, May demanded from Russia to explain the poisoning of former Colonel of the GRU Sergei Skripal. Moscow ignored the ultimatum. The Russian embassy noted that they would not comment on the incident until the British provided samples of the chemical substance used.

Earlier, Germany stated it was worried about a potential conflict between NATO and Russia because of the incident. The British Ambassador to Turkey, in turn, urged Ankara to support London’s accusations against Moscow.

The former colonel of the GRU (Russian military intelligence), Sergei Skripal, was sentenced to 13 years in prison for espionage. He was exchanged for 10 others in 2010, and moved to Britain to work for the Mi6.

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