Saturday, 3 February 2018

Will the Deep State take the offer of an olive branch?

These are the thoughts of Roy Potter. He says that a principle of war is to offer a way out to your enemy and if they don't take it annihilate them.  He doubts that the Deep State will take that opportunity and judging from the video below this I think I agree with him.
The Memo: War Or Peace

These people are almost foaming at the mouth. This guest is saying Trump is a dictator who is destroying democracy and people should come out onto the streets.

MSNBC Calls for Revolution Against Donald Trump after FISA Memo Release - MELTDOWN

Things would not be complete without the contribution of the news corporations.

Here is Rachel Maddow

Oh Nancy, Nancy!


  1. I am not going to defend the Democratic Party. But do you honestly think Donald Trump is worth supporting in any way whatsoever?

  2. Of course not! I’ve written about this at length. It’s all going down and Donald Trump is a catalyst.