Saturday, 17 February 2018

Syrian missiles that shot down the F-16 evaded the "Iron Dome"

This is not from the most reliable of sources but if confirmed is pretty amazing!

Syria Missiles Shot Down Israeli F-16, As Others Evaded "Iron Dome" reaching all of Haifa and Tel Aviv!

15 February, 2018

Last Saturday (February 10) the world took note as Israel sent fighter jets to pound sites in Syria after an Iranian Drone launched from inside Syria, penetrated Israeli airspace.  The world ALSO noticed that Syrian Missiles shot-down one of those Israeli F-16's, damaged a second F-16 and damaged an Israeli Apache attack helicopter. 
Today, the world gets to see something else: Israel's "Iron Dome" missile protection system . . . . could NOT shoot down those Syrian Missiles ! ! ! 
The Israeli government immediately imposed strict media CENSORSHIP on the incidents, but the truth still seeps out. 
Cellphone photos have emerged proving that the Syrian missiles launched against the Israeli aircraft, also OVERFLEW Haifa and Tel Aviv!   
One such photo shows the contrail of one Syrian missile after it overflew Gamat Ran, east of Tel Aviv, before it landed harmlessly in the Mediterranean Sea:

As the Israeli attack on Syria was proceeding and it's jet was shot down as other Syria missiles overflew Haifa and Tel Aviv, Israel decided to stop bombing after hitting  only 3 air defense batteries in Syria fearing that if IDF continued, all cities in northern Israel would come under missile attack.  Put simply, Israel got scared and stopped its attack on Syria.
This reality is STILL being censored by Israel, which deleted  all links: to the Facebook page of Channel 10's @Alonbd, his tweets, and the link to the Channel 10 report.  All of it was gone in minutes.
The Israeli people are not being allowed to know their vaunted "Iron Dome" proved useless against Syrian Missiles, making all of northern Israel viable targets for Syrian retaliation.
Saturday's failure of Israel's Iron Dome comes about a year after another incident in which Israel tried to destroy Syrian (probably) SAM missile with their "Arrow" air defense system. Later it was reported as failure; the Syrian warhead was not intercepted.
No one is certain as to what Israel is going to do now that they see they are actually vulnerable if they continue attacking Syria.  But vulnerable they are, for certain.

It now appears that the US is going to work with Turkey despite severe troubles in that relationship regarding Syria.  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Turk Foreign Minister Cavusaglu this week and, after that meeting, 34 additional US Air Force F-15's left Seymour Johnson AFB in North Carolina on Thursday headed to Turkey.

While yet unconfirmed, word has reached my ear that several F-22's out of Langley Air Force Base (AFB) and several F-35's out of Eglin AFB are also headed over.
Interesting times we live in. . .

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