Saturday, 3 February 2018

The 4- page memo is based on a document hidden in plain sight

The media is treating this memo as if it were made up by the Republicans.

This is not so.

About a week ago I learned of a document "hidden in plain sight" on the website of the Director of National Security, pointed out by NSA whistleblower, William Binney.

This document is what the present Nunes memo is based on so that if you read it in conjunction with this I am sure you will get the entire picture.

I have not read the entire document but intend to. I also don't know if Binney revealed this elsewhere but I first learned about it from InfoWars.

One indication of how the Deep State responds to this is that all the videos connected with this have been DISAPPEARED.

BREAKING: Top-secret Fisa memo leaked!!

Alex Jones of InfoWars claims to have received a copy of the FISA memo from NSA whistleblower, William Binney.

Much as I dislike Jones I cannot think of a better place to release it than InfoWars in terms of the number of people likely to see it.

The liberals said the White House wrote the memo themselves. Now it is all Russian bots!!

This can be viewed on Scribd HERE

Turns out this document was on the website of the Director of National Security which implies it has been declassified.

NSA Whistleblower, William Binney talks about the top-secret FISA memo

99-PAGE FISA Court opinion, (Names Redacted)- NSA William Binney

Ex-NSA head William Binney just tipped off Alex Jones this morning that the 99-page FISA Court opinion available online.

99-page FISA Court opinion here: NAMES & CORPORATIONS REDACTED!

Anyone interested in this should also watch the video of Former Federal Prosecutor Joe DiGenova talk about it a few days ago at the 5:25 mark says that although it is public the Devin Nunes 4-Page memo will have NAMES.

They managed to get rid of the original material but it usually exists somewhere on You Tube!

As the original material is no longer available we have to rely on other material.

I looked there is not much out there but I did find THIS.

BREAKING: Infowars Publishes Full 99 Page FISA Memo - It's Worse Than We Thought

After the live broadcast today, published an article on their website which contained the FULL FISA MEMO. Pete went on air to read and analyze the document real-time, and in his opinion, the document --- although NOT the 4 page summary in possession of Congress --- is actually WORSE than what we've been anticipating. We will not realize the full magnitude of what's contained in this document for quite some time. EXCLUSIVE: INFOWARS RELEASES SECRET FISA MEMO: 

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