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Suzie Dawson has gone silent, working on major research

Suzie Dawson, fearless NZ  journalist at present taking refuge in Moscow has gone to ground while writing a potentially explosive article.

While researching her article the last surviving link between WikiLeaks, Aaron Swartz, SecureDrop and the Freedom of the Press Foundation died, apparently of suicide.

There are huge things happening under the surface and there have been attacks on Wikeleaks by people who logically one would have thought would be supporters in normal times.

But these are not normal times.

Clearly, Suzie is working on something huge and I hope and pray she remains safe in Moscow.

She needs (along with Julian Assange, Kim Dotcom and others) our support.

Too many people have died in strange circumstances.

Listen to H.A Goodman


H.A Goodman

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Here is Suzie's article

Why I Have Gone Silent
I'm already getting messages of concern, so just want to check in with you all and let you know what's going on.

19 February, 2018

People who know my work and have followed me for years recognise that when I go silent, something major is on its way.

I have been very open in previous weeks/months about the fact that I have been researching a huge story about Julian Assange. It's been more than a year and a half since I came up with the original concept, and it was filed away on my to-do list for the longest time. By the time I finally sat down last November and started doing the legwork, an unexpected, massive rabbit hole opened up that I have been deep diving down ever since.

Where I have ended up is nowhere near where I began, and I could never have imagined what lay in store once I started scratching below the surface.

While initially intended to be about Assange, my research soon led me to what really lies beneath the official narratives about the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Aaron Swartz, Kevin Poulsen, Micah Lee and the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

By January, I had identified a lead of extreme significance to one of the angles of the story - a developer called James Dolan. As the person who had brought WikiLeaks volunteer Aaron Swartz to Kevin Poulsen to work on what became SecureDrop, he was the only surviving link between WikiLeaks, Aaron Swartz, SecureDrop and the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Then it was announced by the Freedom of the Press Foundation, the very same week, that Dolan had died. Allegedly, a suicide.

In the days prior to Dolan's death, I had a browser window open on my totally-pwned Mac, with the paragraph containing his name visible at the top of the page. My intention had been to track down him down to see if he could contextualise or corroborate the crux of my findings.

In the wake of his ill-timed demise, I decided that it was important that I make public what I was working on, and my research. So that others could follow the breadcrumb trail if for any reason I was unable to complete the article. So I screenshotted my browser history and posted it on Twitter.

A few weeks later, another major focus of that research also passed away, ostensibly of natural causes. Again, his death was announced by Freedom of the Press Foundation.

I have no evidence that either death was anything other than the suicide and natural passing that they have been publicly proclaimed to be, even if the timing of both seems rather favourable to those with a vested interest in controlling the public perceptions of SecureDrop and the EFF.

I also do not have any evidence that Barlow, while having a long history of working with the CIA and NSA, had any malicious intent in establishing EFF, or that he was anything other than a true friend to Julian Assange for many years.

However, although my tweet called Barlow "the link" between the EFF, the CIA and NSA, it has emerged that there are many more, as my article will explain in depth. Those links extend not only to the intelligence agencies but also directly to the State Department.

The opening line of the initial December first draft of my story read: "I am concerned that Julian Assange is slowly dying in front of our eyes while we argue about his tweets."

In the wake of the recent hit piece of WikiLeaks by none other than Micah Lee for The Intercept (one of the architects of the agenda to deny WikiLeaks whistleblowing platform had any influence on Aaron Swartz's work on what became SecureDrop), the line seems eerily prescient.

But the findings in my research go way beyond Assange (and what he did or didn't tweet) and even beyond WikiLeaks. What I have uncovered, is the total manufacturing of the legacies of household-name activists both alive and deceased, in what can only be described as a conspiracy to control the historical record.

What we are allowed to know, what we are allowed to remember, and how future generations are allowed to perceive these significant figures in technology and activism, is being carefully crafted by the same agencies who have sought to destroy them. Additionally, organisations which we have been taught to believe represent our best interests and advance the cause of internet freedom, are both financially and literally in bed with those who undermine both. And some key figures involved in them have been appropriating technologies that were not of their own devise, then promoting manufactured falsehoods to cover their tracks, at the expense of WikiLeaks.

I intend to expose that, very soon.

Compared to the gravitas of the above, I consider offshoot issues that I've been asked to write about, such as Whitney Webb and Sibel Edmond's attacks on long-time WikiLeaks defender and intelligence agency target Glenn Greenwald; Micah Lee and Cora Currier's inept and poorly executed attacks on WikiLeaks; and Barrett Brown's attacks on Julian, and on myself for relentlessly defending WikiLeaks; to be little more than circus sideshows intended to distract and further divide and conquer. So while I intend to address them in passing, you can expect their pettiness to be relegated to the minor sub-sections that they deserve.

That all said, thank you to everyone who has been sending me messages of support and concern - as of this writing I am fine, and I am temporarily suspending work on all other projects until the article is complete and published.

If you need to contact me, I am available on Discord and also reachable by DM on Twitter, which I check daily.


This is the hit piece on Julian Assange on Micah Lee. 
The truth is the truth, is the truth, is the truth.


Here is a recent interview with Suzie on Julian Assange

Those of you (especially New Zealanders) who are not familiar with Suzie's story need to watch this.

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