Monday, 5 February 2018

Strange occurances head of the Super Bowl

These reports are coming from InfoWars and Hal Turner. People jump in to kill the messenger but is the message true?


Today both InfoWars and Hal Turner are pointing out that several people involved with today’s Super Bowl have been listed as killed today at least 8 hours before the match.

They are, as far as I know, still alive and the Wikipedia pages have been corrected.

Either someone has managed to fake the screenshot or someone has carried out a prank on Wikipedia.

Even the media is raising the possibility of an attack.

Everyone knows the Super Bowl is a high profile event, and an obvious target for potential terrorist attacks. Someone, however, seems to KNOW many people are about to be KILLED there today: Wikipedia pages are being updated since January 28 with OBITUARIES of people who "Died February 4, 2018 at US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN."

Making people even MORE concerned is that former Washington, DC Police Chief, Cathy Lanier, who presided over the botched Seth Rich murder investigation (that seemed to get stonewalled) heads-up security for the NFL. Worse, G4S, a British Security Firm also handling Super Bowl Security is the firm that hired Omar Mateen as an armed security guard. It was Mateen who perpetrated the Pulse Nightclub Mass-Shooting in Orlando, Florida.”

The mainstream seems to be planting the seed for something to happen. Or are they just reporting?

THE largest security operation in US history is underway in Minneapolis today for the long-awaited Super Bowl - an event classed as the "highest threat to public safety" by the US Government.

From Foreign Policy!

Small unmanned aircraft are a threat to high-profile events, but taking them down safely is almost impossible.

Guess who is in charge of security. Feel mollified?

"Please, please, please do not come late," the NFL's head of security said several times at a news conference with federal and local security officials.

NFL security chief Cathy Lanier told Super Bowl LII fans Wednesday to take light-rail transit, arrive early, dress warm, be vigilant and have fun at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday.

Please, please, please do not come late,” Lanier said at a news conference with federal and local security officials

If, like me, you don't know the name...

The police chief who oversaw Seth Rich’s unsolved murder case has socialized and been honored alongside key Hillary Clinton advisers and even Rich’s own boss at the Democratic National Committee. Rich is widely reported to be the source of Wikileaks’ damning 2016 email release that showed the DNC colluding to hand the nomination to Clinton at the expense of Bernie Sanders. He was gunned down in D.C. 12 days before Wikileaks’ release.

Former Metropolitan Police Department chief Cathy Lanier resigned from her post the month after Rich’s murder to accept a position running security for the National Football League. She sits on the Washington Police Foundation board alongside Heather Podesta, the D.C. power broker who was married to Clinton campaign chief John Podesta’s lobbyist brother Tony.

Super Bowl security one is not very trustworthy

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