Wednesday, 14 February 2018

'Skullduggery' - evidence that the prsent Anon is not the real deal

"The present Q is NOT the real Q"

For a while Roy Potter, who is someone I have been keeping an eye on recently, has been urging caution with regards to the ‘Q’ phenomenon and has been saying that, at least, since the beginning of the year, the Q who has been posting is not the same person as the origina Q.

Today he interviewed someone called Baruch the Scribe who was, by his own description, involved in the original 4Chan board where Q was posting.

He says that the original Q was insightful and it was clear that he was close to the president.

However, late last year he started to become suspicious and discovered that the posts were from a different IP address and were full of claims that he thought were nonsense.

He sets out, in the inteview which I have extracted and posted below how and why he thinks this is the case.

Basically he has come to the conclusion that the ‘new’ Q does have access to real intelligence but this also comes with other material that is clearly fallacious and designed to throw people off the scent.

This is called a psyop.

This interview is carried out over a telephone so you will not hear Baruch for about a minute into the conversation when Roy Potter turns up the microphone.

Here is the full video

I particularly resonated with Potter’s concluding comments where he points out that everything has to be treated with caution and people need to do their own due diligence to discover where the truth lies.


He also says that genuine researchers do not engage in ad hominem attacks but are respectful when they strongly disagree.

Once again, Amen!

This is even deeper. Trump needs to take action now, or we fear he is a placebo. Extreme dangers lurk either way! Seize the initiative!!

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