Sunday, 4 February 2018

Q-ANON reporting Feb 2nd...MI L I T A R Y T R I B U N A L?

More from Qanon (allegedly)

Eight memo's to come. 5 will be released
Each worse then the other.
Courts corrupt will taken to a military tribunal

They have the goods on all of them

Dilley Intel Drop, 2.2.18 PM, via Facebook PART 2

The content of the wiretap is amazing. Can only share this one portion, not cleared to do the rest yet.

Touches on people without clearance involved and being shown top secret intel.

They were passing along the most sensitive intelligence that you can receive in government and they were allowing average Joes with no security clearance to read it.

This other part is really bad. Cannot read it yet (aroused anger) but it will give you the most respect for the President of the United States.

Inspector General (IG) Report. Unbelievable, it’s going to take a while, not confirmed when it will be released, but it’s a shocker. Gallows being built. Uranium One section in Iran stuff is beyond comprehension. This is what source telling Dilley.

It goes back really far.

As said before, you will be facing/observing is going to be military tribunals for those at the top, because treason and sedition are punishable by death, and that is not to be tried in a normal, everyday courtroom.

That is to be tried in a military courtroom.

However, also mentioned 13,600 sealed indictments now, of which we don’t know hom any people that actually is.

There will be multiple RICO cases.

Why is that significant?

Fun fact about a RICO case: there is no statute of limitations.

So if you broke the law, part of organized crime, back in 1975, and the evidence is found in 2018, you’re getting charged.

You can’t out run a RICO case.

In a RICO case, you can be sentenced, maybe not to death, but life imprisonment.

We’re going to have a really big RICO case. Probably two of the, maybe more.

This is organized crime.

Media is complicit.

[Dilley covered some information specific to the AZ Dist 8 Congressional race he’s in.]

McCain has got major problems.

There’s a reason he’s not be in public in two months.

Five of the memos you won’t ever get (raw intelligence), and you won’t really need them.

The four you will get will be the breakdown of this whole mess. These will suffice.

Sedition = death penalty

RICO = life in prison

Which category is top tier?

Sedition -> hang time.

Sessions will talk to POTUS shortly.

Sessions can now unrecuse himself and kill Special Counsel and instruct Gowdy and NEP to start the ball rolling.

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  1. Why do you keep publishing this dreck? This is complete rubbish out of someone's fever dream. Check your sources please.