Wednesday, 7 February 2018

John Batchelor on the Nunes memo


This is not Alex Jones, Hal Turner or even Fox News. This is the ultra-rational and reasonable John Batchelor. They are saying the same thing. It makes clear who the real TRAITORS are. Despite his vileness and everything else it is not Donald J. Trump.

The Fourth Amendment threatened by the DOJ and FBI.

John Batchelor Show

But the dossier and Steele’s other information, as the FBI knew well, was nothing more than hearsay

To add to the problem, the September 23, 2016 warrant application cited a Yahoo News article about Carter’s trip to Moscow in July 2016. In evidentiary terms that’s also hearsay and of absolutely no evidentiary value, though it was evidently cited — in completely circular reasoning — as verification of the dossier information.

The Memo doesn’t reveal the words used in the FISA warrant applications. If the FBI intended to be honest with the FISA court — which it clearly didn’t — it would have revealed that the dossier was nothing more than a compilation of unverified and politically driven allegations.

The conclusion we have to draw is that the sworn affidavits supporting FISA warrant applications were false, and probably intentionally so. That would, at least, be a false official statement which is a crime under 18 US Code Section 1001. Each person who endorsed the applications with knowledge of the Clinton campaign and DNC having paid for the dossier’s dirt on Trump and the fact that the FBI hadn’t verified the information in the dossier would also be guilty of that crime.

Again, what this boils down to is that the FBI used information to get the FISA warrants that it either knew was false or had reason to suspect was false. In essence, the FBI falsified evidence in the warrant applications.

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