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Israeli Airstrikes Were Complete Failure

VT WAS RIGHT: Israeli Airstrikes Were Complete Failure, Retaliation Against Russia Expected

11 February, 2018

[Editor’s note: Yesterday, Gordon and I reported what the world’s media knows but will not say – that the Israeli airstrikes on Syria were a complete failure where no targets were hit and the Israeli planes failed to breach the Syrian air defences, rather, they flew straight into a hail of fire, shit themselves and dropped their bombs so they could make a run for the safety of Israeli airspace – they could run much faster without the encumbrance of heavy weapons loads.

The official line has the Israelis hitting a dozen targets and destroying Iranian and Syrian assets, all a lie; a desperate and pathetic attempt to prop up the ailing Netanyahu regime as it teeters on the brink of collapse due to the criminal investigations into Netanyahu and his wife which are drawing ever closer to the point of arresting and impeaching the Israeli leader.
Netanyahu launched these airstrikes in a pitiful attempt to draw attention away from the investigations that look set to destroy him.
Bibi tried to please his hardcore supporters who are those who believe Israeli foreign policy, especially towards the Arabs, is best carried out by high explosives. The failure of these airstrikes leaves Bibi in an ever more desperate situation, beset by domestic woes and seemingly unable to win favour by bombing some Arabs, which has always been highly popular with the right-wing Likudniks he relies on for support.
Now we are in a situation where Netanyahu is a desperate man who knows his time in power is likely drawing to a close; his attempt to use military force to curry favour has backfired in a major way and worst of all, he has lost the ability to strike his Arab neighbours with impunity.
Will an increasingly desperate Bibi try the military option again, but this time with weapons that cannot be so easily defeated?
I am speaking of tactical nukes, of which Israel possesses hundreds and they have lots of cruise and ballistic missiles to carry them, missiles with sufficient range to hit anywhere in Syria.
Of course, Israel isn’t the only one who is so armed, Syria’s ally Iran also has missiles with the range to hit Israel, thousands of them in fact; add to those the thousands of short range missiles possessed by Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel is something of a sitting duck.
Then there are the Russians, who possess enough missiles to turn Israel into a wasteland many times over; all of this is without resorting to the use of nukes, which might be possible, should Israel open that Pandora’s Box by using them first.
Worryingly, Netanyahu is crazy enough and will likely soon be desperate enough to actually resort to use of Israel’s nuclear arsenal to save his own hide. Putin will know this and the Russian military hate Israel, points which we hope the IDF generals have made to Bibi.
Perhaps the craziness of the risks Bibi is running will cause the Israeli political and military leaders to take action and remove him before he can start a war that would lead to Israel’s destruction? For the sake of the lives of tens of millions of Jews, Arabs and others, we can but hope… Ian]

…by Ian Greenhalgh and Gordon Duff, Editors, Veterans Today We begin with a video from 2014 outlining a claimed Iranian hack on the US Navy.  VT has since traced those hacks to sub-contractors of Booz Allen Hamilton, a major CIA contractor, who spoofed Iranian servers using Virtual Private Networks, all originating from computer systems at … Continue readingIntel Drop: Israeli Strike on Syria Utter Failure
The Iranian security chief has commented on the Israeli airstrikes in Syria on February 10, which triggered retaliatory fire from Syrian air defense.
The Syrian nation proved this time that it will respond to any act of aggression, as the era of hit and run is over,” Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council told reporters in Tehran on Sunday, speaking on the sidelines of rallies marking the victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.
The official went on by responding to Israel’s Defense Forces’ report of attacks against “additional Iranian targets in Syria,” referring to an alleged Iranian drone in the area.
The claim by the Zionists (that they have carried out sorties) to damage Iranian bases in Syria is a lie,” Ali Shamkhani stated, adding that Iran had an “advisory, not a military presence” in Syria, the security official reiterated, denying Israeli allegations that its warplanes had scrambled in reaction to an Iranian drone.
Shamkhani explained that no forces would fly military jets to hit a drone.
Israel’s Attack in Syria
Responding to the strike, Syrian air defense systems had reportedly opened fire on Israel.

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