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Further intel drops on the Fisa memo

I can't vouch for any of this material and I know nothing of the source, Dilley, who allegedly has access to highly-placed intelligence sources.

This has been much talked about on social media so I am sharing.

Intelligence update on the Fisa memo and the 3 memos still to come

Brenden Dilley is a grass roots candidate for Congress in an upcoming special election for Arizona’s District Eight. I wish he was in my jurisdiction. He’s just a normal guy. A real person, who wants genuinely make his little part of the world a better place. I think he’d fit in here on TBP.

Some kind of “US intel contractor” employee has been providing Dilley with Q like intel drops. Dilley says this is because he is trustworty and can be relied on to release only approved intel without embellishing it. He can often be seen in his videos reading it directly from a screen and sometimes the contractor is able to respond to typed questions from Dilley in real time.

These intel drops square with Q’s drops quite nicely. With both intel sources scoring confirmation in the news later.

Below is a typed transcription done by one or more anons over on 8chan to capture just the intel related info. Part of Dilley’s vids include info on his campaign for Congress and that it left out here. Ignore the minor grammar and spelling faux pas, nobody is getting paid here.

His web site is here:

He posts his Periscope vids on his Twatter page and does live streams on Facecrap. The Periscope vids expire and disappear in 24 hours I think……hence the transcriptions.

Detailed Dilley Intel Drop, 2/1/18, AM. Part 1

Dems freaking out over memo, do not want it released. They know what/who it implicates.

The memo is the tip of the iceberg, the beginning of the process for letting people know what is going on.

Dossier, paid for by CF, Obama, McCain, Comey/FBI, to try to take down Trump.

Mass corruption in FBI & DOJ.

Ds trying to block meme by saying there were changes to it.

This is true, there were changes; about 4 words total redacted for procedural reasons

Adam S crying about memo being changed, but normal process being followed.

Once memo goes from Legislative Branch to Exec Branch, it’s up to Exec Branch (POTUS) to decide what needs to be redacted, if anything at all.

Things following procedure, but AS/Dems trying to prey on ignorance of public by saying what is happening is treasonous/scandalous.

It’s POTUS’ job and his right to decide when it comes and what is/is not redacted, considering input from FBI, etc.

Dilley’s intel source says 12 judges have been sat for 39 days for military tribunals looking at the evidence.

13,600 sealed indictments nationwide (as per “Pacer,” an attorney website for looking at this kind of info). The average for this time of years is about 1,900 indictments.

Mass RICO cases that will hit the Judicial branch (white collar crime, pedophilia, child trafficking, drugs, gun running, etc.) – this will be what the majority of the 13,600 indictments will be about.

Then there’ll be a “grouping” toward the top, the leadership, this is what’s freaking the Dems out.

These leaders will not have opportunity to face a judicial judge, but a military tribunal.

How can they be forced to face Mil Tribunal instead of normal judicial court?

Happens when they are charged with Treason and high crimes and classified as Enemy of the State.

POTUS EOs. Another EO coming that is big; testing the waters first

The Dec EO allows assets to be seized for a broad number of reasons.

Then the Gitmo EO, which ties together with Trey Gowdy who was picked for a specific role dealing with this situation.

Detailed Dilley Intel Drop, 2/1/18, AM. Part 2

Dilley’s opponents are a bunch of “schleprocks” that can’t be trusted with any sensitive information.

Gowdy is not going to the DOJ that Dilley knows of, there’s a specific role he’ll be playing.

Can’t give out the title, not authorized yet.

Dilley attacked for Popular Vote, 2016 drop the other day as to source. Dilley is the first source with his guy. And this source says DHS with assistance of the NSA have created their own investigation into the voter fraud for the popular vote.

There’s an independent investigation outside of the government that just wrapped up their study into the popular vote of 2016.

This information has been passed on to the DHS, it corroborates what they had found, those investigations will be released.

There was a senator yesterday talking about the popular vote and he want so see the numbers.

Dilley go the Pop Vote intel a week ago, said it would start to see it heat up this week.

The popular vote plays a direct ole with the Russian investigation.

Pop vote is how they justified obstructing/delegitimizing the President

Russia invest. was how they were going to get Trump removed

They overplayed their hand; didn’t realize Mil Intel was way ahead of them

A lot of what you’re seeing is theatre.

Dilley Intel Drop, 2.2.18 PM, via Facebook PART 1

FISA memo. MSM downplaying significance, tyring to pretend one-off memo saying it only covers a small window of people.

Memo a product of nearly a million documents.

Memo product of hundreds of hours of testimony.

Memo is smoking gun.

Unequivocally states that Comey, McCabe, Susan Rice, Yates, Priestap, etc., used the Steele fake dossier, planted in Yahoo news, they then took the dossier and the Yahoo article and took it to the FISA court.

The FISA court gave them the warrant to tap the phones of the Trump campaign.

This is not the full scale of it.

Not easy to get FISA warrant. Very difficult. Have to be a foreign actor doing intelligence, they think you’re a spy, to get FISA warrant.

This means FBI conspired with Obama admin and HRC campaign to spy on US citizens who were running for office.

This is called a coup.

This is how you take over an entire country and usurp democratically elected government.

This is treason.

This is sedition.

This will get everyone who’s on that thing hung, that’s the penalty. No getting locked up for this.

You signed that thing, you signed your fate.

Obama had this information, he was complicit in this.

Don’t let the media fool you.

This is one of many—there are more memos coming out.

Backed up by hundreds of hours of testimony, millions of pages of documents, black and white.

This is history you’re seeing, the media is complicit and they know it.

The State Dept. has a memo coming out against them.

His one was the FBI/DOJ memo that showed they conspired.

You weaponize the Intelligence Community (IG) and your law enforcement community, the top, to fix an election.

This is something you would see in third world countries, not in the USA.

This is what you get shot for in front of a firing squad.

This is how you literally usurp 340 million people and the will of those people, and you plug in who you think should be the next president.

It’s way worse than many of you guys probably realize.

Get the word out, intel coming in a moment you won’t see ANYWHERE ELSE.

This is huge. Intel coming straight from the top (remember that when you’re voting).

There are NINE TOTAL memos.

Believe only FOUR are going to get released.

Memo #5, a nuc about to drop on you guys, memo #5 states: “Obamas daily briefings [Top Secret], which he passed to Hillary, with daily intel updates on Trump’s campaign via the wiretap.” Along with other information.

This is called SEDITION.

This is what you would get hung for in the USA.

This is the highest level of crime that you can actually perpetrate, aside from treason, which Obama will have an opportunity to face those crimes as well.

Especially when you guys find out about the weapons and everything else.

But we’ll stick to the topic at hand.

This dude was literally, illegally spied on a candidate for the Presidency of the United States

They took that information that they were spying on him about.

And passed it to another candidate in that race.

Even if they believed their nonsensical lie that they thought President (Candidate) Trump was actually a Russian spy, well, that whole narrative goes out the window when the next memo comes out and shows they were passing information to that political candidates opponent.

Now you’re done. Dead in the water.

Now you have broken so many laws that it’s not even funny.

This is why Obama lawyered up, why McCabe lawyered up, why Comey lawyered up, they’re all lawyering up.

Dilley Intel Drop, 2.2.18 PM, via Facebook PART 2

The content of the wiretap is amazing. Can only share this one portion, not cleared to do the rest yet.

Touches on people without clearance involved and being shown top secret intel.

They were passing along the most sensitive intelligence that you can receive in government and they were allowing average Joes with no security clearance to read it.

This other part is really bad. Cannot read it yet (aroused anger) but it will give you the most respect for the President of the United States.

Inspector General (IG) Report. Unbelievable, it’s going to take a while, not confirmed when it will be released, but it’s a shocker. Gallows being built. Uranium One section in Iran stuff is beyond comprehension. This is what source telling Dilley.

It goes back really far.

As said before, you will be facing/observing is going to be military tribunals for those at the top, because treason and sedition are punishable by death, and that is not to be tried in a normal, everyday courtroom.

That is to be tried in a military courtroom.

However, also mentioned 13,600 sealed indictments now, of which we don’t know hom any people that actually is.

There will be multiple RICO cases.

Why is that significant?

Fun fact about a RICO case: there is no statute of limitations.

So if you broke the law, part of organized crime, back in 1975, and the evidence is found in 2018, you’re getting charged.

You can’t out run a RICO case.

In a RICO case, you can be sentenced, maybe not to death, but life imprisonment.

We’re going to have a really big RICO case. Probably two of the, maybe more.

This is organized crime.

Media is complicit.

[Dilley covered some information specific to the AZ Dist 8 Congressional race he’s in.]

McCain has got major problems.

There’s a reason he’s not be in public in two months.

Five of the memos you won’t ever get (raw intelligence), and you won’t really need them.

The four you will get will be the breakdown of this whole mess. These will suffice.

Sedition = death penalty

RICO = life in prison

Which category is top tier?

Sedition -> hang time.

Sessions will talk to POTUS shortly.

Sessions can now unrecuse himself and kill Special Counsel and instruct Gowdy and NEP to start the ball rolling.

Storm is here, and it’s beautiful.

Raw intel here, not broken down

Don’t let anyone tell you that that memo that came out today wasn’t significant. You’ve got to start paying attention.

There was a Freedom of Information Act release also on HRC emails which corroborate another portion of this memo that will be coming out which is that Hillary was getting Obama’s daily briefings which is disgusting.

They have evidence that, not only did they weaponize the IC, they also weaponized the Judicial Branch. They weaponized judges, just so we’re clear. And there’s actual evidence.

That’s way they (Dems/MSM/GOPe) ar trying to downplay this. They are freaking out.

This is how you end up with a banana republic.

Been saying for nine months, the only way to save this country is with law and order, restore law and order.

The rule of law must be established and respected or your country will fall apart.

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