Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Extreme weather for Europe and North America

Sudden stratospheric warming 30 km above the North Pole

A sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) has just occurred 30kms above the North Pole with temps rising 50C in a few days which will now impact the jet stream by slowing it down or even reversing.. What does this mean? Europe and parts of the US is about to see extreme weather!

The weather normally seen over the north pole will reverse and move into Europe sending most of Europe into a complete deep freeze over the next week especially by next weekend and early next week with heavy snow/blizzards, ice impacting most of the continent, in the US most of western US will see very cold conditions (not seen all winter) while parts of the deep south, mid west and north east is set to see warm temps with heavy rain, storms and flooding.

Interesting times ahead for the northern hemisphere.

Image: ECMWF 850hPa temps over Europe early next week.

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