Saturday, 17 February 2018

Debbie, Sane Progressive silenced by You Tube in REAL TIME!

I just watched censorship in realtime!

I was watching Debbie on livestream and saw how the video froze and the next minute it was taken off-line.

She was going all-cylinders and calling out the Deep State/TPTB for censoring out the voices who have been proven right tine after time and use their “bullying and harassment” rule to censor the voices of those that question.

She seemed to know they were going to be taken down and said “I know you are listening”.

Within seconds she was gone.

I hope plenty of people were listening.

Russian Nationals Indicted, The Freak Show Circus Truman Show Lie Lives On

Earlier - 

After being cut off by You Tube she was able to get this out on Facebook - mirrored on Vimeo here

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  1. Thanks for the post Robin, was watching Jason Goodman's video on the vegas shooting
    Same thing first few minutes into the live stream, youtube killed the stream