Sunday, 14 January 2018

The false alert in Hawaii was designed to send people into panic and abject fear

Deep State sends Hawaii into state of panic over ballistic missile warning

Mike Cernovich is on a roll!

Usually I find Cernovich a bit hard to take but in this case I think he is absolutely right.

This was a dangerous act by the Deep State that could have unleashed a nuclear war. (What are the North Koreans thinking?). The Deep State (or whoever is behind this wants people to be terrified – terrified of the North Koreans, of the Russians – ANYTHING to distract them from the reality of what is happening around them.

I heard from a friend that his brother in Honolulu received this alert THREE TIMES. Just think of the abject terror and the folk with heart conditions. I wonder how many heart attacks there were over this period.

My Facebook oomments:

"If anyone thinks this false alarm in Hawaii, which someone received THREE times is a mistake and someone pushed the wrong button then they are a bigger fool than can be imagined. I suppose someone actually WROTE the damn thing by mistake.

"Someone actually WANT people to be terrified and live in fair by risking nuclear war.

"Do people think nukes should be treated as a fucking joke?!"


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