Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year, 2018

i'm expecting 2018 to be my worst year ever as I bear witness to the unraveling of the biosphere.

We are in the early stages of non-linear runaway warming. Generally I have failed miserably in convincing people of the severity of the crisis to the extent that even people like James Shaw M.P. and leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand doesn't believe that we are in a climate crisis.

--Kevin Hester

Happy New Year, 2018

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  1. You want to join my club?
    Sorry membership closed in 1999/2000, (when I discovered and had it proven over and over again that the Green Party were a bunch of idiots*) hence the low turnout at the AGM I guess.
    Kevin you will have to open a branch in Auckland, but don't expect any takers.
    I think there is a branch in Nelson with 1 member, and another in New Plymouth, again with just 1 member.
    Lets not forget the biosphere is fine, it is just this human friendly stage that is changing.
    * So many people have come around to my way of thinking, but not back when it might have helped?