Wednesday, 3 January 2018

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I generally find it hard to get through Lionel’s often lengthy sermons but I found this worthwhile listening to

Lionel Media on Iran and how to find the truth

New Eastern Outlook: As it pretty much always the case, the ruling Middle Eastern elites have once again failed to stop the beginning of yet another “color” revolution, or an an attempt to trigger one. This time it was Iran that found itself staring down the barrel. This development could easily have been predicted as the wave of “color revolutions” swept across Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria but never reached Tehran. AS a matter of fact, Iran is the last Middle Eastern player that standing in the way of Washington’s and Riyadh’s plans to redraw the regional map, and it seems that the latter two together with Israel are getting increasingly frustrated with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Moreover, it was Tehran that finalized the defeat of radical pro-Western militants that tried to take Syria down. Its influence as a result of those victories across the world has grown to extreme proportions that the rotten conservative monarchies of Arabia got seriously concerned about the wind of the “pseudo-democratic” changes that they launched back in 2011 would finally sweep them off too.

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