Friday, 19 January 2018

Developments in Syria

I have run out of time but there should be more on this and other geoopolitical events in the next day or so.

There are rumours that Turkey is going to invade Syria imminently

Syria Vows to Protect The Kurdish Fighters from Turkey

In a shocking move Syria vowed to protect the Kurdish Fighters in its country against a Turkish lead invasion. Lets one know that President Assad cares about Syrians regardless of their ethnicity. China again has been spotted supporting North Korea against US lead sanctions. As well china seen moving more Air defense system to the \northern province above North Korea. Clearly demonstrating China resolve to defend the DPRK. The US Embassy in Jerusalem set to open in 2019 according to trump's administration while Netanyahu claims 2018 should be the year, Abbas condemning the US President in some very strong statements according to Israeli News I24.

From Hal Turner

Turkey Moving Troops, Tanks, Artillery toward Afrin, Syria - Syrians warn they will SHOOT DOWN Turkish Planes over Syria

Turkey has been moving troops, tanks and artillery toward their southern border with Syria and word tonight from sources on the ground there is that Turkey plans to INVADE and take possession of Afrin, Syria beginning within HOURS.
The Syrian government has told Turkey they are not welcome inside Syria and they cannot have or attack Afrin simply because Syrian Kurds are living there.  Turkey says they will do what THEY feel is needed for Turkish security and Syria should stay out of it.  
Syria has flatly declared that any Turkish air force planes attacking targets inside Syria - at Afrin or anywhere else - WILL BE SHOT DOWN.
Earlier today, Russia removed their troops from the area of Afrin without saying why.  No one knows if the Russians are simply allowing the Turks to go ahead against Afrin, or if Russia will side with Syria and defend against Turk forces.
Apparently, the government of Syria is willing to allow the local Kurds to set up their own autonomous region along Syria's northern border - where they've lived peacefully for generations -- but Turkey sees the Kurds as an unwelcome political threat.  Turkey intends to attack the Kurds claiming they are "terrorists."
If Turkey goes ahead and attacks Afrin, Syria, it is likely the Syrian Arab Army will use Russian-supplied S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down Turk war planes.  At that point, all hell could break lose with a full scale Turkish invasion.
All this is possibly to begin WITHIN HOURS . . . 
This story will be updated as events require.

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