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Attempted regime change begins in Iran

In following these rapidly-moving events I can do no better than recommend you to the excellent Rss-Fort

Extremist terrorist groups infiltrating Iranian cities to turn protests into armed uprisings - Iranian media

31 December, 2017

TEHRAN, Iran - Earlier today, Fort Russ News reported that the Ansar al-Furaq terrorist group has called for an armed uprising against the Iranian government, as did a Kurdish separatist group. The full details can be read here.

This is to hijack legitimate peaceful protests into an armed uprising, as what happened to Syria in 2011.

Now, Mehr News, one of the largest media organizations in Iran, announced on its Twitter account that terrorist groups are infiltrating Tehran and other Iranian cities to cause havoc and create an armed uprisiфg.

خبرگزاری مهر

منابع آگاه: چند گروهک‌ تکفیری‌ در حال ارسال نیرو به تهران و شهرهای دیگر هستند

شنیده شده سران این گروهک‌ها به نیروهای خود ماموریت داد‌ه‌اند که در تجمعات، به صورت ناشناس مردم را با گلوله یا چاقو مورد هدف قرار بدهند و کشتن آن ها را به نیروهای انتظامی، بسیج و سپاه نسبت دهند.

10:06 PM - Dec 31, 2017
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It still remains to be seen whether this will eventuate, and as always, Fort Russ News will be closely monitoring events and reporting on it.

Syria 2011 all over again? Watch as Kurdish, Islamist groups call for a violent uprising in Iran

31 December, 2017

TEHRAN, Iran - In scenes reminiscent of Syria 2011, armed groups in Iran have used mostly peaceful protests to call for an armed struggle against the Iranian government.

In Syria in 2011, peaceful protesters calling for economic and political reforms had their peaceful protests hijacked by armed Muslim Brotherhood fanatics who fired upon security forces, allowing for the protests to descend into a civil war.

The same is now occurring in Iran with protesters who originally called for economic reforms days ago, being hijacked by violent people who are attacking Iranian security forces and sacking government buildings throughout the country.

The violence has been agitated by imperialist shrills who are spreading fake news that the protests are about regime-change in Iran, as reported in detail by FRN earlier today. The details of a color revolution descending can also be read here.

The terrorist group Ansar al-Furaq has called for an armed uprising and struggle against the government. They also claimed yesterday to have blown up an oil pipeline in Iran's southern Khuzestan province where Iran's Arab minority are mostly concentrated.

Meanwhile, Al-Sura News has also reported that the separatist Kurdish Free Life Party (PJAK) has also called for an armed struggle.

With a radical Islamist group and separatist Kurdish group calling for armed struggle, this truly bares resemblance to what occurred in Syria in 2011.

BREAKING: Iran blames Saudi Arabia for protests turning violent

31 December, 2017

TEHRAN, Iran - The Iranian leadership has blamed Saudi Arabia for peaceful protests calling for economic reforms descending into violent bouts.

Spokesperson of Iran's Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Hossein Naqvi has said that "the people will respond wisely to Saudi's support for the latest turmoil," according to resistance media, Al-Mayadeen.

قناة الميادين
#إيران: المتحدث باسم لجنة الأمن في البرلمان الإيراني حسين نقوي: الشعب سيرد بفطنة على دعم السعودية الاضطرابات الأخيرة
9:14 PM - Dec 31, 2017
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The accusation comes as Ansar al-Furqan, a radical Sunni Islamist group has called for a violent uprising against the Iranian government.

This also comes as Iranian media claimed that radical terrorists are infiltrating Iranian cities to try and turn peaceful protests into an armed uprising, reminiscent to Syria in 2011. Full details can be read in this report.

FAKE NEWS surrounding the Iran Protests

31 Decmber, 2017

TEHRAN, Iran - With protests spreading throughout Iran, the United States and its imperialist shrills have found this the perfect opportunity to spread fake news and create a narrative for intervention.

If you are confused about events in Iran, this comprehensive analysis by Fort Russ' very own Joaquin Flores is a MUST. It can be read here.

For example, this Tweet by Ken Roth, the Executive Director for Humans Right Watch.

With no option for voting out their supreme leader, Iranians take to the streets to press him to resign.
  • Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth) December 31, 2017
Roth makes the claim that the protests are calling for the country's leaderships resignation, but rather they began as calls for reformations to the economy, not the replacement of the government.

Secondly, Roth then proceeds to use a pro-government counter-protest photo to push his regime-change agenda. Roth foolishly posted a photo that has signs saying "Down with the US" and with photos of the country's leadership. He still has not realized he has been caught out....

Case Two: John McCain.

For too long, the Iranian people have been oppressed by their government, which cares more about sowing instability abroad than its own citizens. The U.S. stands with the brave protesters who yearn for freedom, peace, and an end to corruption in Iran.

Consistent war-hawk and war-monger has also ignored that the protests began as calls for economic reform rather than regime-change. John McCain has consistently called actions against Iran, demonstrating his so-called care for the Iranian people. He also remained quite when US President Donald Trump banned Iranians from coming to the US.

These are just a very few examples of the US State and its shrills attempting to disintegrate calls for economic reforms into a color revolution. However, despite what the mainstream media shows, the truth on the ground is that the overwhelming majority of Iranians support the government and want to avoid a Syria 2011 scenario where legitimate protests were hijacked, with the help from the US, by violent jihadists.

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