Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A mature discussion of the nature of Good and Evil in the context of Apocalypse

APOCALYPSE: End Times is Near, If Evil Prevails - Head of Russian Church Warns

I am not Christian and not Orthodox but I call this a sophisticated discussion of matters that are taboo in the materialistic West. 

These are the end of the world, the denial of death moral relativism and the reality of Evil.

I would add to that the post-modern materialist dogma that the world is fundamentally knowable and the denial of the fundamental Mystery of Existance.

As we head for the death of the Living Planet each one of us has to deal with these questions in our own way.

While for me Buddhism provides a template I believe this to be a sophisticated discussion that needed to be heeded.

I do not see this discussion in the West, not in the contemporary Catholic church, the protestant or *especially( the evangelical churches. They seem to be the enemy of such a debate.

While it would be a gross exaggeration to say Russian orthodox it would not be to say the West has lost its way.

Russia insider, via Vesti

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