Saturday, 16 December 2017

X22 Report on politics and geopolitics

The Move From The West To The East Is Almost Complete, Be Prepared For The Next Phase

X22 Report

Canada home values decline as household debt binge hits a new high, doesn’t look good.Initial jobless claims drop to there lowest level. US retail sales surge, the government just forgot to mention something very important.

The service industry declines. Janet Yellen believes the market is not overvalued and she sees no warning signs.

China has just completed its 4th dry run of the petro yuan. FCC votes to repeal net neutrality. Nikki Haley uses fake evidence to convince the world that Iran is behind the problem in Yemen.

Syria reopens border with Lebanon.US and Russian jets have a close incident which the media is spinning to make it seem like Russia was the cause.

Funding for the Syrian opposition has come to and end. Slowly but surely the support for all these groups in Syria is coming to an end. The cabal is ready and prepared to push their agenda, get ready for extreme chaos.

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