Saturday, 16 December 2017

Sea ice volume in 2017 was record low - censored

CENSORED* | 2017 had less sea ice than 2012 and any year on record

Why Arctic sea ice has to be *censored*

Part one

Part two

For more than a year, global sea ice area has been extremely low.

Arctic Sea Ice daily ammo against Collapse Cultists & Climate Deniers.

Daily volume: 13,029 km³ (4th lowest for the date) Δ +119/day
+1220/week, +3,846/month, +1855/year, +902/5year (+7.4%)
8,518 (–40% 80s), –7,103 (90s), –3,201 (00s), –109 (2010–16)

Daily extent: 11,366,169 km² (2nd lowest for the date) Δ +27k/day
+578k/week, +2,192k/month, +273k/year, –59k/5year (–0.5%)

2017 volume maximum 20,756 km³ on April 18th (*lowest*)
2017 volume minimum 4,539 km³ on September 11th (4th lowest)
2017 extent maximum 13,878,287 km² on March 6th (*lowest*)
2017 extent minimum 4,472,225 km² on September 9th (6th lowest)

However, the above daily numbers carry a taste of ��. If you don’t want to cherry–pick your data to make a point, you may want to look at the latest, updated, running annual average. The ice, after all, has to be out there and survive those waves 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Annual volume: 12,815 km³ (*record* low) Δ +5.1/day
+35.1/week, +130/month, –891/year, –736/5year (–5.4%)
Annual extent: 9,951,840 km² (2nd lowest) Δ +0.75k/day
+8k/week, +53k/month, +221k/year, –16k/5year (–0.2%)

Source: JAXA / PIOMAS (app estimate) for December 15th 2017.

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