Saturday, 9 December 2017

Questions need to be asked about the fires in California

Once again questions need to be asked about how the houses are reduced to ashes while surrounding trees remain intact.

If I had to venture an eplanation it may be the proliferation of smart meters in homes.

More questions about the California fires

The following is from the fires at Ventura

And these photos are from recent fires in Santa Rosa.

Destruction to a concrete Applebee's restaurant from a "Forest Fire" in Santa Rosa, California. Outfitted with the latest fireproofing sprinkler systems. "Embers jumped the Freeway" the Government says. But not one tree touched.
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  • A rush to install energy smart meters in millions of homes could have triggered fires
  • Evidence suggests some of the engineers hired to install the meters do not know what they are doing
  • One employed by British Gas told a horrified couple: 'Sorry, I've blown up your house'
  • Details of two fires linked to the installation of smart meters were highlighted by the BBC Watchdog programme

A rush to install energy smart meters in millions of homes has triggered fires and is putting families at risk, it is claimed

Lawsuits in California claim faulty PG&E Smart Meters started house fires

The video shows meter vendors GE and Landis & Gyr.

He noticed several PG&E employees got there almost as quickly, and he says one of them removed the smart meter while the firefighters worked. Firebaugh’s fire chief saw it too.

He says he is never seen that before, but he thinks he knows why they may have wanted the device.

Investigation after the fire was put out revealed that in all probability the fire was caused by a problem in the electrical panel and the problem in the electrical panel, in my belief, was the Smart Meter that was installed in the panel by PG&E,” said John Borboa.

Dozens of people have blamed smart meters for fires over the last several years and the issue has been a topic of discussion for the California Public Utilities Commission.

In 2014, a report from the CPUC acknowledging concern about smart meters as the possible cause of some fires said the commission’s staff determined none of the fires they examined were caused by smart meters.
Jose Valdez is not convinced.

His insurance company is suing PG&E over the fire at his house and they not alone.

Active arcing going on, electrical activity happening with flames going up the side of the house,” said Don Macalpine.

Fresno firefighters put out the fire at the Sandoval home. Deputy Fire Marshal Don Macalpine says there’s no clear evidence it started with a smart meter malfunction, but their investigation doesn’t rule it out.

A second lawsuit filed on behalf of the Sandoval’s’ insurance company blames PG&E and the smart meter.

In fact, at least five lawsuits in California make the same claim about smart meters.

When I asked for PG&E’s response to the lawsuits, the company’s representatives asked me for a list of questions. They answered none of them, but they did send me a statement saying smart meters have to meet safety requirements and standards spelled out in the national electric safety code.

And they added, “Although we won’t comment on active litigation, we can say that PG&E stands behind the safety of our Smart Meters.”

But Valdez sees his differently now, as a possible threat attached to his home, in what he considers to be one of the worst possible positions.

My kids’ bedroom is right next to the garage and who knows what would’ve happened after that if it would’ve been in the night,” said Valdez.

Both Fresno County lawsuits are set for trial in 2018.

Here's an alternative explanation

California fires are going to get worse – Directed Energy Weapons & smart meters

A Watchman Report; Your AR15 is not going to be enough…


  1. Sorry this wont come through to show what it is :( But check it out... indisputable proof of the technology at work

  2. Sorry the image wont come through to show what it is :( But check it out... indisputable proof of the technology at work

  3. Absolutely, Theresa! Thanks for the link. We know these aren't ordinary, and one day the perps are going to be held accountable!