Thursday, 7 December 2017

News from Russia - 12/06/2017

CONFIRMED: Putin to run for President in 2018

6 December, 2017
Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially announced his candidacy for Russia's presidential elections, which are currently set for March 18, 2018.
Putin made this much-anticipated announcement today at an event with factory workers at Nizhny Novgorod's famous Gorky Automobile Plant.
"I am going to put forth my candidacy for the position of President of the Russian Federation," Putin announced and was met with applause.
"Russia is only going to move forward, and no one will ever stop it," he added.
The full list of presidential candidates has yet to be confirmed. As things stand now, Putin will be challenged by his traditional contestants, Gennady Zyuganov of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. The Russian United Democratic Party Yabloko's head, Grigory Yavlinsky, and the TV hostess Ksenia Sobchak have also advertised their intentions to run. The candidacy proposal process is still open.
Currently all major polling agencies and public opinion research institutes forecast that Putin will win the elections.
Putin has been President of the Russian Federation since 2012. Before, he served as President from 2000 to 2008 and as Prime Minister from 2008-2012.
I'm not necessariy in favour of presidents-for-life, but ANYTHING but this!

Sobchak has once again expressed her position on the Republic of Crimea and her desire to run for the presidency of the Russian Federation.

The public figure confirmed her opinion during the discussion on a TV program.

"It is necessary to hold another referendum. The inhabitants of the peninsula should put an end to this question. We need to attract outside observers. Let the Crimeans decide the fate of the peninsula. "

According to Sobchak, Crimean residents should be able to choose from three possible options: Russia / Ukraine / independence.

Sobchak does not give any evidence as to why the original referendum was illegitimate in her view.

Putin to announce decision on Olympic Games shortly

The decision on the participation of the Russian national team at the 2018 Winter Olympics will be announced today, December 6. This is an update from an article we ran earlier, which stated December 12th.

The decision will be made by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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