Monday, 11 December 2017

Kevin Hester interviewed by Gary Null

«All the graphs we are seeing, are following the exponential curve. Yet now, Michael E Mann doesn’t seem to be able to see it. He’s still part of the disaster capitalists who think we can go to alternative energy, and it will solve things, and we can have electric cars, but the reality is that the carbon footprint of producing all of those things is enormous in itself. And there is zero substitute for liquid hydrocarbons. I do not for one second believe that industrial civilisation will see out the decade. So what’s that, 26 months. I think collapse is unfolding now, not some time in the future. I think collapse is unfolding as you and I speak today.»

---Kevin Hester

Kevin Hester with Gary Null on PRN

How Far Over the Climate Precipice are we?

7 December, 2017

In this episode of “The Progressive Commentary Hour” Gary Null and I discuss the severity of the climate crisis and how far over the cliff we really are.
The podcast is embedded here;
We discuss the on-going, never ending ionising radiation nightmare that is and will forever be spewing from the three exposed coriums at Fukushima Daiichi. The triple meltdowns and melt through of both primary and secondary containment at Fukushima Daiichi is never, ever going away.

Whilst Tepco admits to hundreds of tonnes of radioactive water spewing into the acidifying Pacific Ocean every day for over 6 yrs now, they never mention the ionising radiation that is being released into the atmosphere. My personal view is that we will be spared the multi-generational genetic destruction of the nuclear nightmare by our imminent extinction. The situation simply could not be anymore dystopian.
My blog post on the inevitably of a Nuclear Winter being inflicted on the planet is embedded here;
Years ago, before we crossed a multitude of tipping points the large NGO’s and “green” political parties talked about the danger of crossing tipping points. Now that we have done so the subject is being avoided. Cognitive dissonance much?
Gary played a clip taken from Professor Guy McPherson’s  2016 NZ speaking tour when he appeared on the Paul Henry Show which reached a national audience and triggered nationwide debate about our part in the 6th great extinction. That whole show is embedded here; Human Extinction within 10 years.

During the show Gary played some excerpts from a brilliant documentary featuring the equally brilliant Nafeez Ahmed. My analysis of the documentary and the doco itself are embedded here;Human Extinction By 2030- The Crisis of Civilisation

In the discussion I mentioned Chris Hedges You Tube presentation The Myth of Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies. 

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