Monday, 6 November 2017

The mystery of the Podesta Brothers

Where is John Podesta?

Yesterday I posted the following 

“Mr. Mueller is not, and never has been seeking crimes in relation to President Trump. Tony Podesta is already in custody. This has not been released publicly and will not be until John Podesta turns himself in. Thursday morning both of the brothers' passports were suspended to prevent travelling abroad. Tony surrendered himself at the DC FBI office late Friday afternoon. John Podesta contacted officials and informed them he would turn himself over to officials by 2 AM EST Saturday so he has also failed to make contact and his cellphone appears to be off or destroyed. It is currently feared he has either fled, in hiding, or dead. Hillary Clinton is also the last person on the approved sealed Grand Jury indictment. She is scheduled to turn herself over early Monday morning”

Since then I have been trolled by people unwilling to recognise the the Mueller probe might not be so much about Trump and Russia but about the Clintons and the Podesta Brothers

I think, with regard to rumours that the Podestas have been arrested. These are informed rumours and evidence is at best circumstantial.

I would ask two questions in this regard.

Why, if this is all about Trump why are they investigating.Tony Podesta whose link to Manafort is linked to the Clintons and not Trump.

Why is the last tweet from John Podesta from a full 5 DAYS AGO?

The other question is why Tony Podesta left his job in his own company


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