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Hariri under house arrest in Riyadh

From Pepe Escobar

Confirmed: ex-PM Hariri under house arrest in Riyadh

It's in Arabic only - and al-Akhbar has definitely confirmed it:

Hariri the Saudi asset is in HOUSE ARREST in Riyadh.

And he was forced to resign by his Saudi masters.

EVERYTHING that Nasrallah said in his speech is true.

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Cut yesterday doubt about the fate of Saad Hariri. And the "news" from sources close to the head of the government he's put under house arrest, hours after his arrival to Riyadh last Friday. It is still, to date, exists in a place separate from the place of residence of his family, the security team my SAR stuff on security, as is the case with Princes, ministers and Saudi detainees.

Narrated sources that Hariri, remote access to the wind, asked him to come to a "Ritz Carlton" Hotel to hold meetings, in preparation for its transmission to the Al-yamamah Palace to meet King Salman. Upon arrival to the hotel, surprised by the conduct of extraordinary security, to pay you, after minutes, it is by virtue of the detainee. Was transferred to one of the villas of the Council, and not to the hotel where he was detained about 49 Prince and Minister and a businessman SAR. These, too, were summoned to Riyadh urgently to hold "business meetings" with the king and the crown prince, to be arrested pending investigations on charges of corruption.

According to the sources, the security authorities in Saudi Arabia seized phones found in the possession of Hariri and his team. And permissive the team members security if they want to leave to Beirut, and in this case you won't be able to leave the Council to return to him again. At the request of Hariri, moved four of his companions led by officer Mohamed diab to his house to stay with his wife and Sons, remained with Hariri, in the villa itself, the head guard of Abdul the Arab, and one of his aides personal. He informed everyone the rules of the residence in terms of lack of control within the hotel and communicate with security staff, and connecting them by a security officer at a nearby office, where they can stop several times a day to avoid Their phones, on I descended to their use in response to messages received via apps like"WhatsApp" and so on, and allowed them to conduct phone calls to not include any points about their place of residence and circumstances, under penalty of deprivation of communicate again.
After meeting with security official Saudi accommodation, and another with the Minister thamer spa alike, handed Hariri a statement of independence which came to the library of the royal court, he was allowed to review it twice before delivery, with emphasis on the he could not connect with anyone to buy wallpapers step. He informed the spa alike Hariri that he will explain the situation to whom it may concern in Beirut, and he must be an emphasis on Assistant to the President of the government that the individuals who come into the sport now, which is what he and Hariri personally in several letters to the Director of his office Nader Hariri and some of the officials in the future movement.

After that, informed Hariri that he will achieve as a witness as Saudi citizens and not as Chairman of the Government of Lebanon. Asked about the files back to the era took Khalid al-tuwaijri as Head of the royal court during the mandate of former King Abdullah. Although Hariri repeat what has already been said by several months about these files, especially in relation to the suspicion of receiving kickbacks related to land ownership and Lebanon, estimated a billion American dollars, or contracts acquired company "Saudi augie" without up-to-date performance, in addition to the fate of the bank loans is great. It also reiterated Hariri noted that all his property in Saudi Arabia is subject to banks and Saudi Arabia and they don't have home.

Following the rejection of the request of the Hariri held a press conference or travel outside Saudi Arabia, informed the times believe who moved into his family home, the need to resolve their decision to stay or travel to Lebanon, and already returned some yesterday.

Although everyone in Beirut injured numbing effect Radio Hariri's statement of resignation, but the communication that took place during the next 24 hours, I paid close to him to stir it up with local and foreign entities. The compatibility to behave calmly, and try to secure the exit of a safe and decent President of the Government of Saudi Arabia, which is try to co-chairs Michel aoun and Berri to do through the tension with Egypt and Jordan but without result. As he took MP Walid jumblat's mediation with the authorities of the French and British ended with failure also. Even London failed to obtain permission for one of its diplomats in Riyadh to meet Hariri at his residence, in the refusal of American intervention basically.

And night yesterday, and learned that mediation the French failed, and the Saudi Crown Prince insisted that Hariri can't leave the sport without a pledge not to change his position. Was talking about keeping his family in Riyadh as a hostage to prevent him from declaring any political position other than I know its in the Declaration of independence, did not receive assistants Hariri in Beirut any positive signals until after the middle of the night. Note to his team in Beirut was busy in controlling the actions and statements of the team let me know will be my representative, it turns out that the spa alike stop inciting statements that the implementation of the arrest of Hariri stresses on the content of the statement of resignation. It was interesting that MP jumblat did not get any assurances exceptional by spa alike who communicates with him. Prime Minister wael abou faour.

Stopped sources when you experience the independence of King Salman Hariri at Al-yamamah Palace yesterday, adding that Hariri's maritime transport policy security to the Palace, and the objective of the meeting was to send out a signal that it is not in the list of those arrested on charges of corruption who would not receive the king and the Crown Prince, and he will be released to the settlement of Put a link with something specific to files Saudi Arabia internal and singled out the files of Lebanon. With reference to associates of the Hariri believe that the position of President aoun and the attitudes of Lebanese leaders not to accept the reception by the mediation of Arab and Western, will force Saudi Arabia to let him leave either to France or to Lebanon.

In the meantime, Beirut was receive echo news intermittent of wind. And the official, holding Co help and Brian meeting in the Presidential Palace over to the compatibility on the considered reception is not complete until the return of Hariri to Beirut. It was agreed to delay a decision in the proceedings to the 
Constitutional to the longest possible period, give play to the in front of communication aimed at "freeing the Prime Minister of Lebanon under arrest in a country outside", according to an official source informed. It is said to"news" that "it's very simple: leave Saudi Arabia Hariri, leaving the wind to wherever he wants, even being confirmed that he decided on his own independence and get out of the settlement that his campaign to the presidency of the The government." 

Renewed determination "trust that the wind will not provide to keep Hariri under house arrest for a long time, and she had to release him, but the problem is in the kind of restrictions that will try to impose on them". He expressed his concern to be the wind had decided to form a special force within the future movement, which show the indicators in the availability of SAR directly with politicians and officials and activists in the current. That is the implementation of the interests of the house that the central action to try to curb some of the firing positions of the escalation.

It is learned that the President of the Republic and the President of the procuratorate not to transfer the confrontation to the inside, and to embrace the future movement and its leaders, core, and continue to pressure the state to address the fate of the Hariri. It was also decided to bless President aoun today to consult with heads of Republic, heads of governments, former heads of the books represented in the dialogue to stand on everyone's opinion, not to start consulting the government, because Hariri's resignation yet to prove before they are allowed help from him personally.

On the other hand, showed the developments of yesterday, I attributed to anxiety that prevails in Lebanon since last Saturday has been declining a lot. Praised leadership in the future movement, the positions of the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, and not giving it to the escalation. She also drew the reports of the security to the lack of suitable popular to do the movements are trying to escalate the Saudi against the Government of Lebanon and against Hezbollah.

Anxiety and confusion reflected on Dar Al-fatwa, which I don't want to play a special role in this period. Transport visitors to the inspector Abdul Latif derian, received it I didn't touch willing enough to hold an urgent meeting of the leaders of the year, and stream the future care about the return of Hariri before everything. Note that drian heard from the prime minister, a proposal that requested the formation of a neutral government does not include representatives of the political parties in Lebanon. And he nominated the Director General of the former presidency, which was not welcomed by other forces in the country.

EXCLUSIVE: Humiliation of the Saudi billionaire and his fellow princes photographed sleeping on bare mattresses after 'corruption' arrests as Trump says they 'have been milking their country for years!'

  • Photograph exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com shows arrested princes and government ministers in their five-star hotel 'prison' 

  • Although no faces are shown Saudi government source says that the men on thin mattresses include Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, one of Middle East's richest men

  • Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia ordered dramatic round-up of top princes and ministers in 'corruption probe'

  • Donald Trump, on an extended tour of the Middle East, tweeted full-scale support for the crackdown saying: 'Some of those they are harshly treating have been “milking” their country for years!' 

  • But it is widely being seen as part of palace coup to guarantee his power base with the heads of the country's national guard and navy also arrested

  • Some of them were in the hotel last month when it hosted international business figures for an investment conference but are now sleeping on the floor 


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