Wednesday, 2 August 2017

More on North Korea

CrossTalk: What Does N. Korea Want?

Is an America-inspired attack on North Korea inevitable? One certainly gets that impression listening to Washington’s war hawks and their stenographers in the corporate liberal media. Is North Korea a growing military threat? Of course, it is. But it is also under threat. Is there still time for diplomacy?

CrossTalking with Wang Guan, Paul Atwood, and Andre Vltchek.

War w/ N. Korea: ‘Massive annihilation like we have never seen’ – fmr CIA agent


The Pentagon is reporting highly unusual activity near the coast of North Korea, where it detected an ejection test from a North Korean submarine. RT America’s Manila Chan reports on the mounting threat from North Korea and the US reaction. Then Jack Rice, former CIA agent, joins to offer his perspective on the US response and the potential outcomes of a second Korean war.

Lindsey Graham talks about Military plan to Destroy North Korea

Israeli News Live

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