Sunday, 13 August 2017

False CO2 concentration figures released

It Has Begun.

The American Government Is Falsifying The Online Data.

The Following Site Says We Are Below 400 ppm Of CO2

It is literally YEARS since it was below 400 ppm. It is currently around 408 ppm of CO2 and has reached a peak of in excess of 410 ppm

(Thanks Kirk Brent)


Real levels are around 408 ppm

These are the ACTUAL observed levels. 400 ppm CO2 was even measured in Wellington, New Zealand many months ago.

Nowhere on the planet is it 395 ppm of CO2 and nor has it been for a long time now.

June CO2

Recent Daily Average Mauna Loa CO2

August 11:  405.06 ppm
August 10:  405.33 ppm
August 09:  405.83 ppm
August 08:  404.83 ppm
August 07:  405.34 ppm

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