Saturday, 12 August 2017

Alternative, unverified reports of North Korea crisis

BREAKING NEWS: Radio Communications JAMMING Now Underway Against North Korea

Somebody is jamming big-time the Voice of Korea (VOK) Pyongyang North Korea on 11865 kHz broadcast frequency as of 1928 HRS in East Asia. Very loud and nasty jamming. JPN lang at 1930
The commencement of communications jamming is a very big sign of pending military action. . .

US Citizens Being Quietly told to LEAVE South Korea & Japan!!!

At least two listeners to the Hal Turner Show, one from South Korea, another from Japan, have contacted me today to say they received calls from the respective US Embassies telling them the situation with North Korea is "dire" and they should very seriously consider leaving the countries of South Korea and Japan!
It is important to say they were not ORDERED to leave, nor did the State Department "insist."  They were told by phone this was an "informal update on the tensions in the region" and both say they were told the situation is escalating and becoming "dangerous."
11 August, 2017

Citing an "imminent missile attack" the Homeland Security / Civil Defense of GUAM is going door-to-door today, issuing a Missile Attack Survival Pamphlet telling citizens how to prepare and what to do when North Korean NUCLEAR BOMBS explode nearby!   

The pamphlet is available from GUAM Civil Defense but their servers are almost totally overloaded with download requests.  I have reproduced the flyer below as images, but if you want the original, you can try to download it from GUAM via THIS LINK.  You can CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE:


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