Monday, 7 August 2017

Alexander Dugin interviewed

Alexander Dugin Talks to Alex Jones About Why Globalists Hate Russia

Russia Insider,
6 August, 2017

Dugin has a surprisingly large following in Europe and the US, particularly among the alt-right.

He is often falsely described as an 'advisor to Putin' which he has never been, but he does have a certain influence in Russia, through his writings and his influence on the editorial policy of Tsargrad TV, the Christian TV station, which he recently departed after helping start and guide it over the last two years.

Dugin is an academic political theorist and philosopher, a leading proponent of Eurasianism, and his work is correspondingly dense and diverse and not very accessible to most, and certainly impossible to fit into neat summaries, so it is helpful to hear him address a wider audience in popular terms and not academic gobbledygook into which people then read whatever they wish.

He is certainly an interesting Russian character with original ideas.

One interesting thing about him is that he is a devout Orthodox old-believer, and this greatly influences his world view.

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