Saturday, 15 July 2017

On ecology and mass animal deaths

Guy McPherson demonstrates why he is my go-to authority on these matters.

Edge of Extinction: On Ecology

In the meantime Paul Beckwith discovers mass deaths of animals but fails to acknowledge Guy.

  Mass Animal Die-Offs from Abrupt Climate Mayhem

Paul Beckwith

Accelerating, abrupt climate change is an enormous threat to humanity, as outlined in the well written, long-overdue article "Uninhabited" published in New York Magazine. But it is even worse for non-human animals and plants. At least we regulate our body temperatures and some of us have access to air-conditioning.

What about animals that have body temperatures the same as their surroundings? Their metabolic rate doubles with a temperature rise of 18 F (10 C). Even a 2 C rise (Paris Agreement) increases metabolism 20%, decreasing lifetime 20%. Many species around our planet are today undergoing mass die-offs.

To me, it appears that Earth is losing its ability to sustain life, under the onslaught of human stupidity. Countries are dropping

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  1. ... for more on the consequences for nonhuman beings, look down the saddest info-set of them all -

    It needs another two levels of analysis, but I simply do not have the heart to do it. Note how people care most what about what they are doing about environmental change (Remediation)which gets the lion's share of the focus in the source sample.