Saturday, 8 July 2017

Luke Rudkowski attacked by Antifa at G20 demonstrations

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange is a mostly relatively fair-minded commentator

Independent Journalists Attacked by Antifa at G20 After Fake News Tweeted Photos Calling Them “Fascists” (VIDEO)

Independent journalists Luke Rudkowski and Max Bachmann were attacked, stalked, and threatened with murder by left-wing Antifa terrorists in Germany early Friday outside of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.
7 July, 2017

As a 100% polish born citizen I find it kinda ironic that a bunch of Germans unfairly jumped me and then called me a Nazi.

Rudkowski, the founder of the nonpartisan news outlet We Are Change, posted a video of the event, and explained that German journalist Soren Kohlhuber tweeted photos of Rudkowksi, Bachmann, and independent journalists Tim Pool and Lauren Southern walking around at the G20 protest.
Foto der restlichen Personen rund um die IB-Lerin bei #w2h #nog10
Sören Kohlhuber (@SoerenKohlhuber) July 6, 2017
(Full disclosure – Andrew Meyer is the former editor-in-chief of We Are Change, and Luke is a friend).
Rudkowski and Bachmann were then accosted by “ten men” according to Rudkowski, Bachmann was punched, and then both were chased and thrown to the ground by the group of Antifa/anticapitalist terrorists. Rudkowski and Bachmann drove 30 minutes outside the city of Hamburg, and were followed and confronted by other Antifa terrorists who told them they would be seriously injured or killed if they did not leave town.
The biggest question here may be what is more disturbing: Is it that Antifa is now effectively an international terrorist network that attacks and threatens to murder even nonpartisan journalists for recording them? Or that they are getting their intel from fake news journalists who refuse to cover the violence they cause?

G20 Protest In Hamburg LIVE Clashes


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