Sunday, 2 July 2017


Arctic ice: “Even average weather during July/August will be enough to present a new minimum record”

This is the latest from Paul Beckwith on Arctic ice

Professor Paul H Beckwith: No sea ice in winter by 2030


Chris Eldridge Ice edge advancing rapidly with 36-40F 20 mph winds coming off the coast. Cracked is bad, completely melted out in a week???

Chris Eldridge thanks guys... it's like three of these in a row going from one end to the other tearing It up! 40 degree temps reached out to the main pack

Chris Eldridge Not sure what ya want to call this collapsed Jetstream (500hPa) but maybe sudden death if it lasts!!! Self-feeding loops and mainly around the arctic core/Greenland... Its hopping around sporadically but seemed to be heading here for a couple days!

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