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A chemical weapons false flag in Syria?

From Reuters - 

Rebels accuse Syrian army of chlorine attack, army calls it fabrication

A Syrian rebel group accused the Syrian army of using chlorine gas against its fighters on Saturday in battles east of Damascus - an accusation the military swiftly denied as a fabrication.

The Failaq al-Rahman group said more than 30 people suffered suffocation as a result of the attack in Ain Tarma in the Eastern Ghouta region, which government forces have been battling to take back from insurgents.

In a statement circulated by state-run media, a military source said the army command completely denied the accusation. "It has not used any chemical weapons in the past, and will not use them at any time".

The United States said on Wednesday the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appeared so far to have heeded a warning issued earlier in the week not to carry out a chemical weapons attack after saying it saw possible preparations for one.

Claim: Syrian Army ALLEGEDLY Attacks Rebels With CHLORINE GAS /// FALSE FLAG?

3 July, 2017

A Syrian rebel group has accused the Syrian army of using chlorine gas against its fighters in battles east of Damascus, after Donald Trump warned Bashar al-Assad's regime that it would “pay a heavy price” if it launched another chemical attack.

The Failaq al-Rahman group has said more than 30 people suffocated as a result of the assault in Ain Tarma in the Eastern Ghouta region, which Mr Assad’s forces have been fighting to take back from insurgents.
In a statement circulated by state-run media, a military source said the Syrian army command completely denied the accusation that it used chemical weapons: “It has not used any chemical weapons in the past, and will not use them at any time”.  

Syria was said to have destroyed all of its chemical weapons under an agreement reached by the US, Russia, and the Assad regime in 2013.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – the global chemical weapons watchdog – confirmed last week that the nerve agent sarin was used in an attack in April that killed more than 80 people in northwestern Syria. The Syrian government is alleged to have carried out the attack, but Mr Assad's regime has denied any role and dismissed the OPCW’s report, saying it lacked “any credibility”.
The OPWC also found that hexamine – a known component of the Syrian government's stockpiles of chemical weapons – was contained in samples taken from the scene and from the blood and urine of victims.
A United Nations investigative taskforce will try to determine who was responsible for the attack.


Many inside the United States have been waiting for what they say would be a "False Flag" chemical attack to give the US and its "coalition" partners an excuse to launch a devastating attack against the Syrian government (again).  A "false Flag" is when an attack actually occurs, but it is made to look as though some other entity perpetrated it.
After one such CLAIMED attack, the US launched a missile barrage at a Syrian military base, using 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, fired from US Navy ships off shore.
Many of those missiles never reached their target, and no one has ever said if Syrian -- or Russian -- air defenses shot them down.  
Then, last week, a curious "wrning" from the US government claimed they had detected preparations for another chemical attack by the Syrian government.
The Syrians vehemently denied any such plans or activities.
Here we are, just days later, and "rebels" in Syria are claiming a Chlorine gas attack has been made by the Syrian government.  The questions being asked by average Americans is simple: Did the rebels attack with Chlorine gas to make it look like the Syrian government did it, in order to get the US to attack the Syrian government?
Given the ongoing and grotesque interference in US Foreign policy being committed by US covert Intelligence agencies, it is not beyond belief that a US Intelligence Agency orchestrated such an attack to blame upon the Syrian government.
Many in the US intelligence community ARE TAKING BRIBES FROM FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS in order to get certain activities accomplished for those foreign governments.   It would not surprise some in the USA that these Intelligence operatives who are "on the take" are setting-up false operations to achieve the goals of their foreign paymasters.

Claims on Alleged Syrian Government's Attack Part of West's 'Chemical Show'
The Free Syrian Army's (FSA) claims that the Syrian government troops allegedly committed a chemical attack in the Syrian region of Eastern Ghouta are an example of the Western media campaign against Damascus, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

3 July, 2017

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The style of the English language, used in the FSA press release, hints that it was in fact prepared with an assistance of the third international parties, Zakharova said.

On Saturday, a number of Syrian opposition online portals claimed that the alleged government troops’ chemical attack in Ein Tarma in the Eastern Ghouta region had left 30 militants poisoned. The command of the Syrian Armed Forces refuted allegations as false, while the Center for Syrian Reconciliation did not confirm the attack.
The chemical show gains momentum. The report on ‘Toxic gas attacks in Eastern Ghouta’ is another proof that the media campaign against Damascus has been launched. A piece of paper, made in accordance with all canons of the Western press-services’ work, records the beginning of a ‘chemical attack’ and condemns it," Zakharova wrote on Facebook on Monday and attached the image of FSA press release on alleged chemical attack.
"I want to emphasize the impeccable English language [in a report], which could be seen in such international documents as the UN Security Council’s resolutions and others.” 
Zakharova noted that the English language, used in the press release, is not of a household or literary style, but in fact the style used in the international legislation. The phrases from it may later be used in the statements of the international organizations, which will condemn the use of chemical weapons.
The reports on the alleged attack in Syrian Ghouta region came against the background of the White House's recent statement, where the US government said that it had identified preparations for a potential chemical attack by Syrian forces. The statement warned that if Syrian President Bashar Assad conducted another chemical attack on civilians, both "he and his military" would pay a heavy price.

Syrian authorities refuted allegations on the next day, while Moscow said that such threats to legitimate Syrian leadership were unacceptable.
The Syrian army has been pursuing an offensive in Ein Tarma for almost three weeks, advancing to the eastern parts of the Syrian capital, which have been controlled by the radical armed groups for more than five years. Terrorists have been suffering heavy losses and have been forced to retreat.

Warning! US preparing new chemical attack in Syria

The US mainstream media has recently propagated a story that the Syrian government is about to launch a new chemical attack against its citizens. The US State Department has outright denied any possibility that it is the rebels that in fact could carry out this attack, blaming the Syrian government - and not for the first time. The Russian government confirms the story that a new attack is being prepared – however not by the Syrian regime, but by the rebels, who are supported by the US. (@12.41 minutes)

On April 7th, US warships delivered an illegal blow to a Syrian airbase in Homs. Their justification was the "chemical weapon" attack on behalf of the Syrian government in Idlib. It is noteworthy, that the only real source of information to these attacks are the videos made by the White Helmets, an infamous propaganda organisation as it pertains to the Syrian civil war.

The attacks used to frame the Syrian government, much like the first Ghouta gas attack in 2013, which precipitated the Syrian civil war, is a giant facade for the military industrial warhawks in the US. In 2013, the Syrian government had eradicated all of its chemical weapons, under the watchful eye of US, European and Russian observers. The rebels on Syrian territory have never been held to account for their stockpiles nor their crimes.

Terrorist Attack in Damascus Against the Backdrop of US Threats

Vesti News

Commentary from Vesti’s Dmitry Kisilev

Target - Syria

The whole week was accompanied by America threatening Syria. It all began on Monday when the White House officially published a short written statement that the US allegedly noticed the potential preparations of Assad's regime for the next chemical attack that could lead to mass casualties among civilians, including innocent children. The White House didn’t provide any evidence, but there was a threat: if Mr. Assad commits another mass murder attack using chemical munitions, he and his military will pay a heavy price. Of course, there is a reservation in the statement that the US is acting in Syria to destroy ISIS, but the direct threat from Trump personally to Assad and the Syrian army is a fact.

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