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Update from London - 06/05/2017

London Terror and the General Election
"Don't worry, darling, I wouldn't bite the hand that feeds 


A mini-documentary I made about the terror attacks on London Bridge and in Borough market last night, and how they fit into a pattern throughout this election campaign. I summarise events over the last few months, their political relevance and why the conventional explanations do not fit with what we know about these terrorist incidents.

UK Column News - 5th June 2017

#LondonAttacks: The UK’s New War on ‘Online Extremism’


Bridge terrorist's links to two extremist preachers: Jihadi was filmed at extremist events alongside cleric who hailed his support for ISIS

  • London Bridge attacker appeared alongside two notorious Islamist preachers
  • He was filmed at extremist events alongside Mohammed Shamsuddin
  • Shamsuddin has publicly hailed his support for Islamic State
  • He has also called for Sharia law and has made chilling warnings of a 'backlash'
  • Bridge attacker was also pictured with Abu Haleema, who was accused of radicalising a British schoolboy who was convicted over a plot to behead police 

    UK's Corbyn: Talks needed with Saudis, Persian Gulf Arab states to halt funding extremists

Jeremy Corbyn calls for Theresa May to resign as Prime Minister for presiding over police cuts while Home Secretary

The Labour leader said he backed similar calls by 'very responsible' people who are 'very worried' about her record

The cutting of 20,000 police officers on the Prime Minister's watch has become a millstone around her neck – and one that the Labour leader is using to his advantage

Multiple eyewitnesses said that community police officers fled from Borough Market in London after seeing two men with knives stabbing people as part of a terror attack Saturday.

These eyewitnesses told The Guardian’s Lisa O’Carroll that two men started stabbing people outside a restaurant in Borough Market, close to where the first terror attack took place on London Bridge, resulting in multiple fatalities.

I saw two guys with big knives downstairs outside Roast. They were stabbing people,” the eyewitnesses said.

Perhaps the most jarring part of the testimony was a report that, instead of running to the stabbing to stop it, the police turned around and ran the other way.
The police were running away, they were community police. They were normal officers, they were running away,” the eyewitnesses said.

With the police out of sight, onlookers began yelling “stop, stop” and throwing chairs.

But then police arrived at the scene and “shot straight way.”

Police community support officers (PCSOs) operate usually in a paid, full-time role, and while “PCSOs do not have the same powers as regular police officers, they still carry a lot of responsibility, and are a critical part of the police service.”

More than 90 percent of police officers in London do not carry guns and instead carry mace, handcuffs, batons and, on occasion, a stun gun.

Mere hours after the events took place on London Bridge and at Borough Market, Metropolitan Police labeled them as terror attacks

Meet Treason May

Jeremy Corbyn fills the banks of the Tyne – Theresa May can’t even pack a small room

This is a picture of Jeremy Corbyn addressing a crowd in Gateshead. We never pulled crowds like this in 1997.

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