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The Grenfell Tower blaze may have killed 500+ people

The person in the video below concludes that this was a Gladio-style False Flag.

I would not go that far. However, at the very least,this was an act of 'corporate manslaughter' (more accurately murder) and an act of class warfare by the Tory party and local authorities who are trying to clear the region of poor to make way for exclusive housing for the rich.

Here are some of the facts as we know them

  • Authorities are only giving out confirmed dead but are not giving any information abaout the missing. Reporters have 'corrected' witnesses that have claimed 150 people might have died
  • Authorities are still to issue a list of the missing afterr 72 hours
  • Witnesses say whole families died in the blaze – many fled to the top of the building to escape but found themselves trapped
  • Residents had complained for years about exposed gas pipelines giving the fire the chance to spread
  • The building had experienced power surges which residents had complained about to to no avail. Computers were burned up...the burning refrigerator was typical of the failure of the when Grenfell electrical system.
  • The tower had no sprinkling system
  • The tower had only one central staircase and funding was denied for an emergency stairwell
  • The authorities did nothing to evacuate the building when there was ample opportunity
  • People were told by the authorities not to move but stay in their flats
  • The media reported that the fire started on the 4th floor and pointed the blame at an Ethopian man and his fridge. The story was amended to describe the man as a “slim, tall, white British man'

  • The fire started on the bottom floor in the mddle of the night, giving residents the smallest chance of surviving
  • Witnesses described the fire as going from the ouside in (see the 2nd video below)

Listen to the testimony of this eyewitness who is reporting that residents are seeing this as revenge by police for the London Bridge attack.

She also maintains the fire went from the outside (and the inflammable cladding just made for a fire) to the inside

Don't expect the truth to come from the mainstream media.

I had to find a cached copy of this article as Press TV was down (cyber attack?) when I put this together.

London's Grenfell Tower blaze killed 500 residents: Local resident
British media have censored the death of hundreds of people who have lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower fire in west London, a local resident has said.
17 June, 2017

The more than 500 people unaccounted from Grenfell Tower fire are dead, Nadia, whose family name was not given and identifies herself on social media as DJ Ayla, told Press TV.

London Police Commander Stuart Cundy told reporters on Saturday that 58 people are feared dead in the fire.

According to reports, however, the building was home to about 600 people.

Nadia told Press TV's correspondent in London, Camilia Shambayati, that only 76 out of some 600 people who were living in the building where she grew up, had been accounted for and more than 500 residents were still missing

"Where are the missing people? Where is the list of the 500, 600 people living in that building," she asked.

"Where is everyone," she further asked, adding, "Little kids are asking: 'Where are my friends?'"

She insisted that the missing residents had all died and the UK media, particularly BBC, had censored the news.

"Everyone has died and no one is telling them," she said, adding that, "the news can't pick it up" referring to the alleged media blackout of the fatalities.

The charred remains of the Grenfell Tower in Kensington, west London, on June 17, following the June 14 fire at the residential building. (Photo by AFP)
On Wednesday June 14, a massive fire erupted at London’s Grenfell Tower.

The building is a 24-story, 67-meter high tower block with 120 separate apartments in North Kensington, west London.

The cause of the fire, where many of the residents were Muslims, is not yet known and the deadly incident is under investigation.

Here are details from a Hungarian -based site detailing disasters around the world

Number of affected people / Humanities loss

Dead person(s)
Injured person(s)
Missing person(s)
Evacuated/rescued person(s)
Affected person(s)
Foreign people

Man who took pictures of Grenfell Tower 

A man who published photos showing the body of a victim of the Grenfell Tower fire has been jailed.

Omega Mwaikambo, 43, posted still images and video on Facebook showing the remains of a person who died in the disaster.

It is understood that he opened a body bag to take pictures of the man's face

'There is no timeframe for when the inquest will be, but certainly not in the short term'

It could be years before the London Fire Brigade (LFB) publicly release an investigation report into the Grenfell Tower fire, the force has said.

Angry residents have demanded answers about the disaster amid allegations of safety failings and fears that the death toll could rise to 70 in the coming weeks.

But an LFB spokeswoman told The Guardian: “The report will not be in the public domain until that inquest is complete. There is no timeframe for when the inquest will be, but certainly not in the short term.”

David Cameron in 2012:

This coalition has a clear new year’s resolution: to kill off the health and safety culture for good.

I want 2012 to go down in history not just as Olympics year or Diamond Jubilee year, but the year we get a lot of this pointless time-wasting out of the British economy and British life once and for all.

I think that will take a lot of fear out of the health and safety monster and make sure that businesses feel they can get on, they can plan, they can invest, they can grow without feeling they are going to be strangled by red tape and health and safety regulation.”

So no mystery as to how the Grenfell tragedy was allowed to happen then …

It has taken less than 24 hours for the promises the Conservative Party made to the Grenfell Tower victims to be exposed as lies. On 15 June, housing minister Alok Sharma told parliament that he could:

guarantee that every single family from Grenfell House will be rehoused in the local area.”

But on 16 June, Kensington and Chelsea Council announced that:

it is possible the council will have to explore housing options that may become available in other parts of the capital.”

Government ministers 'congratulated themselves' for cutting fire regulations

In February this year, ministers posted on a government website details of their ‘anti-red tape’ agenda on new-build properties.

In a separate report fire safety inspections, the Conservatives said, had been reduced for some companies from six hours to just 45 minutes.

The move, titled Cutting Red Tape, was part of the Tory plans to abolish a ‘health and safety’ culture that they claimed was hurting money-making businesses.

30,000 buildings in UK covered in same cladding that surrounded Grenfell Tower

Tens of thousands of buildings across the UK are covered in the same cladding that surrounded Grenfell Tower.

The covering, made from aluminium composite material, is on 87 more tower blocks similar to the west London flats.

They are currently under enforcement orders for failures in their fire safety precautions, the Daily Mirror report.

Up to 30,000 buildings of varying heights are wrapped in the cladding leading to fire experts to express serious concerns over their safety.

Calls are now being made to tear down any building wrapped in the potentially hazardous material.






17 June, 2017

The SKWAWKBOX had a long and traumatic conversation this evening with a businesswoman based near Grenfell Tower who has friends and employees affected by the terrible fire and has been working to provide support and shelter to them and others.

The woman, who wanted her information to be told but asked not to be identified, told this blog about families who survived and those that didn’t, about the contribution of police and council staff or the lack of it – and about fears that the real death toll could be even higher than the 150-200 that music stars Lily Allen and Saskilla told reporters about.

Her own words, unadorned apart from the removal of names and floor numbers, follow:

There are two children that we know really well who were in the block. One family got out, the father was able to shield their little girl and thank God she’s fairly oblivious to everything that happened. But the other is in hospital, critically ill from smoke inhalation.
Another went missing and was separated from her mum. We heard from mum and found her utterly distraught. She spent the day looking for her daughter and finally found her. Their dog and their neighbour’s dog are missing – we’ve got the kids looking for the dogs, putting up posters so they’ve got something to do and don’t feel so helpless.

The scale of the loss is far bigger than anyone is admitting. One of my employees has 15 friends missing and believed dead. Another has two friends missing.

One of the little girls that got out with her family, she has 7 friends missing, all from [near the top of the block]. Her mum believes they’re the only survivors. At least two of her other friends have already been confirmed dead – one just 13 years old and the other fourteen.

My friend has a son in the same class as those girls. She went back to the block to find one little girl who’s in the hospital now. She’s been collating names of missing people and she’s already up to around two hundred.

200 is the figure everyone is saying locally, but it might be much worse.

One family got out from the [upper third]th floor. A neighbour came out of a flat at the same time but his elderly mum was still in the flat so he went back in.

The dad of that family told me that the whole way down from that floor he only counted eight others coming down the stairs and the firemen coming up were telling people to get back into their flats. That’s no blame on the firemen, they were just doing what they’d been told to do.

There’s burnt polystyrene everywhere – a local builder told me that it’s not from the panels – it’s too thick. He said it’s insulation – there were burning pieces as big as telephone boxes falling down on people as they came out of the block.

Are people angry? On Wednesday they were very silent. Everyone was in shock – nobody was visibly angry, although a lot of people were frustrated at the absence of the authorities.

People were saying they expected things to be more in place for a major incident, given the terror alert, but it was just chaos and we felt badly let down by the council.

Some council people came in but it was obvious they were just there to say they’d been there. They sat around and ate takeaways, then all left promptly at 6pm having done nothing. They had a face-mask on the table and one of the volunteers went to put it on while she went outside and they took it off her, told her that was only for staff – but they never did anything to need it.

My staff have been brilliant, the community has been brilliant. Some of the police have been fantastic but others just seem uninterested. We went with one mother to talk to a policewoman about her missing child and she just shrugged, no empathy at all.

This has been a community under siege in a way. We’re surrounded by £3.5m houses, there’s a little park to walk dogs. All the time we see people moving out because it’s too expensive.
The area started to gentrify couple of years ago. One family I know, they’re the only people in their block – the rest are empty or only occupied one week a year. The idea of requisitioning them to house people that have no home now is spot on.

Theresa May was a disaster. Jeremy Corbyn, though – good for him. I’m not a Labour voter but my friend says he’s the most decent principled politician there is.

Some people have said he was exploiting us for a photo opportunity. They couldn’t be more wrong. He was going around hugging people who needed it, totally genuine and really connecting with them.

Theresa May seemed like she was nervous of angry people – let them get angry if they need to, that’s your job. But there was no anger on Wednesday – just people mucking in.

Everybody I know who made it out, they know all their friends have died. They know – whole floors where everyone died. There are two sets of neighbours that some of my employees knew who are already confirmed.

The media should be saying ‘we know approximately 200 people died’ – there’s simply no question in anyone’s mind locally. But if there were 650 people in that block, it’s a lot higher than two hundred – there were nothing like 450 survivors. There’s a morgue with sixty bodies, just children.

There are around sixty people in the hospitals and the firemen got sixty out – but some of those might be the same ones that are in hospital. The best case would be 120 people who escaped unless there are people I don’t know about and I don’t think there are.

Going back in was the fatal thing – the fire spread so quickly. No fire alarms, just people banging and shouting. One family on one of the higher floors was saved only because the dad wasn’t working the next day, so he sat up late to watch a film. He looked out of the window because he heard fireworks – but it was the insulation behind the panels going up. He believes they were the only family on their floor to make it out.

The biggest need right now? Cash. People literally came out with no cash, no cards, no ID, no passport.. We’ve got plenty of physical stuff for such a small number of survivors – but people need cash to get by.

The people of the Latimer Road area want their stories to be told. Those of us who can, owe it to them to listen.


This morning, Grime artist Saskilla told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme that he had been told personally by one of the firefighters at Grenfell Tower that around two hundred bodies had already been identified at the scene of the terrifying blaze. 

The presenter attempted to pour water on the figure, but the musician insisted it was what he was told in person by the firefighter....

At the same time, multiple sources told the SKWAWKBOX that the government has placed a ‘D-notice’ (now properly named a ‘DSMA-notice’ and sometimes called a ‘DA Notice’) on the real number of deaths in the blaze....

In effect, although voluntary, this amounts to a gag on the mainstream media – and note that it is applied for for reasons of national security only....

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