Tuesday, 13 June 2017

"Our climate declaration"

Why the ‘climate decalaration’ is so deluded”
The declaration would have been perfect 20-25 years ago

The following nonsense quite frankly makes my blood boil.

It is representative of a sort of citizen initiative from back in the early 1990's when we could posibly still have made a difference.

Back then we all said "you've got to start small to make a difference."

What's the difference?

Now we are told:

"Yes, we can tackle climate change..."...if an infinite number of people each do their infinitesimally small bit to help."

And the pretence of the IPCC that warming is some time in the future, say 2100, when we will all have departed from the scene, is maintained.

From Rod Oram's introduction on Facebook:

"...if an infinite number of people each do their infinitesimally small bit to help.

Signing Our Climate Declaration, http://www.ourclimatedeclaration.org.nz/ is the best way for each of us to start.

This is the crucial citizen-response we need to tackle climate change.

It launches this Sunday at meetings in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin

(Rod Oram, via Facebook)

Everything now is pretense.

Change your lightbulbs”, “drive an electric car”

I have been watching this since 1987 and have observed how a recognition that 1 degree Celsius was the point we couldn't cross without setting off non-linear change and positive feedback (it was probably 0.5C) has evolved into an unattainable 2C target which we are already well on the way to reaching.

Instead the reality of the policies of every industrial country in the world (certainly not omitting New Zealand) and indeed of the Paris Agreement is the following.

What the people who attend these meetings around New Zealand is a little reality as reflected in the following videos.

Yet try explaining this to the talking heads at these meetings and you will be met with the anger (or the insouciance of the general public). 

When you say “you’ve got to start with small steps” at some stage you’ve got to recognise that the game is up and the time has come to recognise reality and start to live as best we can in the time we’ve got left.

When do I expect such a revolution in consciousness?

Probably never.

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