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Megyn Kelly Exposed by Alex Jones in Leaked Audio Recordings

This is not about Alex Jones ( for whom I have the greatest distaste although I feel drive to watch what he is saying) but about the media and the attempt to crush any dissent while a de facto civil war situation is being fomented by the Deep State and its minions.

"Whatever one’s views are on Jones or Kelly, it is an old trick of the mainstream media to often twist or totally distort the words of someone whose views do not fit in snugly with the mainstream media narrative"

BUSTED: Alex Jones releases tape of Megyn Kelly’s admiration for InfoWars
Alex Jones is not happy with the results of his first mainstream media interview.

16 June, 2017

Alex Jones has made good on his threat to release a recording of the entire, unedited interview he conducted with Megyn Kelly. The tape also includes pre-interviewer segments.

Jones has been fuming over NBC editing the interview Kelly conducted which according to Jones, makes him look like he has advocated causes he has never advocated for while taking other remarks totally out of context.

Whatever one’s views are on Jones or Kelly, it is an old trick of the mainstream media to often twist or totally distort the words of someone whose views do not fit in snugly with the mainstream media narrative. Jones of course fits this description completely and after Kelly promised Jones not to do a “hit job” on him, this is apparently what she and NBC have done to the InfoWars founder.

Jones describes the situation and his reasons for decided to release the full tape in the following clip.

After Kelly told Jones that she finds him “fascinating” she said,
“‘You know you just became very fascinating to me. I just always thought you were this maybe, one-dimensional guy, like this is your thing…
My goal is for your listeners and the left – you know, who will be watching some on NBC – to say, ‘Wow, that was really interesting’. And then the next time I wanna get somebody, they’re gonna say, ‘Look what you did to Alex Jones!’ It’s not going to be some gotcha hit piece, I promise you that”.

It seems though that Alex Jones believes the final product is a hit piece.

Kelly and NBC have all ready been under fire from liberal agitators upset with the very fact that the interview is being aired. This ‘protest’ is part of a general trend among contemporary western liberals who prefer ignoring their opponents rather than engaging in a full debate with them.

Several sponsors have already pulled ads from NBC’s programming as a result.

Rather than sticking by her original statement saying that she would give a full hearing to Jones while challenging him on points of disagreement, she has instead resorted to cutting and pasting selective statements to present an incomplete and misleading view.

These sorts of compromises make no one happy. Jones feels that he has been deceived and the censorship champions of the left will never be satisfied, angry as they are that Jones got any mainstream media airtime whatsoever.

Now listen to Jones’s tape of what happened before the interview was taken to the editors at NBC

Alex Jones has come out with more this morning

This is from mainstream media, in this case the Daily Beast

The Infowars provocateur published audio recordings in which the host assures him she won’t do a ‘gotcha’ story and promises to show him clips ahead of time.

Alex Jones, the conspiracy-theorizing host of the Infowars website whose controversial interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly is set to air Sunday night, has fallen back to the argument of every disgruntled interviewee: “They took me out of context.”

Except in this case, Jones may cause serious trouble for Kelly, who he apparently took the precaution of covertly taping in pre-interview calls and, he claims, the interview itself, which he is now publicizing on Infowars and his YouTube channel. And in those clandestine clips, the former Fox News host appears to promise to go easy on him in the interview.
From Christopher Greene
The SECOND Civil War Has Begun in America

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