Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A rockslide, not an earthquake, caused the Greenland tsunami

Thanks to Torstein Viddal
Arctic Command has now published a picture that shows the slippage that triggered the tsunami wave
Her er fjeldskredet

19 June, 2017

S61-a helicopter flew over the place where a large piece of the mountain and skidded in the water and triggered a tsunami wave.

Right next door is a further part of the cliffside too close to take. It is the which is the reason that also Illorsuit and Niaqornat was evacuated in the night.
Inspektionsskibet aries is set to observe the cliffside.
Arctic Command will also provide that, in the course of today will get a Challenger aircraft and a Hercules as reinforcement.
They should also be used to search and transport. On the one hand they help with the footage to get an overview of the damage and to assess the danger of further natural disasters.
Here you can also see the helicopter footage of the fjeldskredet:

ARKTISK KOMMANDO - Joint Arctic Command
19 hours ago
OPDATERET 10:32 lokal tid:
GEUS – De Nationale Geologiske Undersøgelser for Danmark og Grønland har oplyst, at det endnu er uklart, hvad der har forårsaget sten- og jordskredet på fjeld i Karratfjorden. Nedenstående tekst er som følge heraf tilrettet.
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  1. as the permafrost in the mountains melts, they will crumble