Tuesday, 20 June 2017

42 bodies found huddled together in one room at Grenfell Tower after 'hiding' from blaze

The official toll now stands at 79.

Meanwhile the government and media is moving the agenda on to other things and the story is disapprearing from the headlines

Local resident claims '42 bodies found huddled together in one room' at Grenfell Tower after 'hiding' from blaze
He claimed a friend in the fire brigade had revealed the figure and said the victims included children and old people

19 June, 2017

A man who lives close to Grenfell Tower and knew families in the building has claimed that 42 bodies - including those of children and old people - were found huddled together in one room after the block was engulfed by a devastating fire.

The concerned and clearly frustrated local resident was filmed talking about the disaster in a video published to YouTube on Sunday, four days after the horrific blaze in the 24-storey block in west London.
With the blackened shell of Grenfell Tower visible in the background, the man claims that firefighters made the harrowing discovery when they entered the building, citing a 'friend' in the brigade as his source of information.
He said: "I've got a friend who works for the fire brigade here, yeah? Yesterday on the phone he said they found about 42 bodies in one room, all hiding together. No-one knows that.
The emergency services are still carrying out an investigation in the charred remains of the building(Photo: AFP)

"It's only because we know the brother, he's a fireman, that he told us this - but he can't tell you lot that.
"He can't come out because he'll probably get the sack or something. But he said they found 42 bodies in one room, bruv, in one room. From children to old people."
Police confirmed this morning that the official death toll currently stands at 79, although that number is expected to rise as the investigation continues.
It has been widely reported that identifying the true number of casualties is a lengthy process due to the intensity of the blaze, the chaos on the ground as survivors escaped and the lack of any accurate number of people in the building when the fire started.
A spokesperson for London Metropolitan Police said they could not comment on the claims that 42 bodies were found in the same room when contacted by Mirror Online, explaining: "The manner and cause of death is a matter for the coroner.
"We will continue to work very closely with the Coroner and other relevant agencies throughout the identification and investigative process.

"This process will be complex and lengthy and seek to establish all the facts and as such it is likely to take a significant amount of time. It is not possible to state how long it will take.

Lily Allen also accused authorities of hiding the real death toll

The resident's concerns come days after pop star Lily Allen angrily accused the authorities and media of 'downplaying' the death toll in a television interview.

She claimed the number of deaths was 'close to 150', saying: "They are off-the-record numbers I have been given from policemen and from firemen."


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