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Daily Mail makes up story about deep-sea 'mole nukes' capable of destroying US coastline

I came across this story yesterday which I identified immediately as a distortion and fabrication.

However, Israeli News Live who comes up with some very interesting source material but seems to have swallowed the article without any checking.

To do him credit the article from Viktor Baranets of Komsomolskaya Pravda appeared today – after he made the video.


Israeli News Live: Is Russia Planting Nuclear Bombs off the US Coast Line?

Here is the article from the Daily Mail,making up details as they go along.

A former Russian colonel and defense ministry spokesman claims Putin is burying 'sleeper' nukes off the coast of America.

Viktor Baranetz said that in the event of a war, the bombs would be detonated and cause a tsunami that would wipe out much of the coastal US.

Baranetz admitted there is no way for Russia to outspend America on defense, so the military is forced to go to extreme lengths to make sure they come out on top

Baranetz made the astonishing claims in an interview with Russian paper Komsomolskaya Pravda which was translated by MEMRI

He said Russia is focused on developing an 'asymmetrical response' to America, ensuring both countries would be destroyed in the event of an attack by either.

He said: 'Our asymmetrical response is nuclear warheads that can modify their course and height so that no computer can calculate their trajectory

'Or, for example, the Americans are deploying their tanks, airplanes and special forces battalions along the Russian border.

'We are quietly "seeding" the U.S. shoreline with nuclear "mole" missiles. They dig themselves in and "sleep" until they are given the command...

'Oh, it seems I've said too much,' he interrupted himself by saying, before adding: 'I should hold my tongue.'

A Russian government spokesman dismissed Baranetz's claims, describing them as 'strange' and adding that the report should 'not be taken seriously.'

In this original article in Komsomolskaya Pravda by Viktor Baranets he talks about Russia's "assymetrical" response to American weapons buildup (they have a much smaller defence budget).

The only reference to all this is:

"And we secretly "mining" coast of the United States with nuclear missiles - moles (they burrow and "sleep" until the combat team)."
Here is the original article

Наш военный обозреватель - о том, для чего американский президент раздувает военный бюджет и чем на это ответит Россия

Our military observer - about what the American President inflates the military budget and how it will respond to Russia

And here is Baranets' response from today's issue of Komsomolsakya Pravda

How the military correspondent of "KP" organized a "nuclear sensation" for the Daily Mail
Our military commentator says, how the English tabloid came to attribute to him words about the missiles causing a tsunami off the coast of the United States

Military commentator of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Victor Baranets.Military commentator of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Victor Baranets.Photo: Michael FROLOV

Наш военный обозреватель рассказывает, как получилось, что английский таблоид приписал ему слова про ракеты, способные вызвать цунами у берегов США

4 May, 2017


On May 1, before the first roosters I was rudely awaken by the inconsiderate calls of foreign journalists. Half asleep I did not even work out what they the badly Russian speaking , the Americans and British, Canadians and Japanese, wnated. It turned out, they wanted me to comment on the article in the British newspaper Daily Mail, which often mentioned my name and my article published in "the Komsomolky truth" under the title "Tramp-pam-pam and the big Bang".

Not even wearing Slippers, I ran to the computer, barefoot, open the website of the Daily Mail and read: "Putin drops deep "Moleskine" near US that can cause a TSUNAMI, says Russian military expert".

And then - that's that (and I quote verbatim, not changing the style):
"Viktor Baranets, a former Colonel, spoke about how Russia is trying to outsmart US.

He argues that Russia drowns "dormant" nuclear warheads off the coast of America. In the case of war, the bombs will explode and cause a tsunami, he said.

Baranets also said that Putin has nuclear warheads that can't be traced in their trajectories.

Baranets made these surprising statements in an interview with the Russian newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". He also said that the Americans place their tanks and aircraft along the Russian border... And we "sow to the American coastline nuclear "molar" missiles. They dug in and "sleep" until they give a command... He said that Russia is focused on developing "asymmetric response" to America, ensuring that both countries will be destroyed in case of attack.

"Oh, I think I've said too much," interrupted he, and said, "I have to keep my mouth shut".
A fragment of a "scandalous" publication of the Daily Mail

A fragment of a "scandalous" publication of the Daily Mail


Now let's try to understand. To begin with - a couple of clarifications. I could not give "an interview" to my native "Komsomolskaya Pravda", because that is where I am working. I am a military correspondent of the newspaper! And second: the word Moleskine in the headline, with English translates as: moleskin - mole - mole and skin skin. The mole here is the main point and now you'll understand why. In his article in "KP" I wrote:

"What is this mysterious "asymmetric responses" that our politicians and generals? Maybe that's a myth or a beautiful phrase? No! Our asymmetric response, nuclear warheads, maneuvering in altitude and course so that their trajectory can not be calculated by any computer. Or that Americans place on the borders with Russia, their tanks, planes. And we are secretly "mining" coast of the United States with nuclear missiles - moles (they burrow and "sleep" until the combat team).

As you can see, there is no word about Putin and TSUNAMI. But if the words about the President of Russia can still be taken as a figure of speech, then the words of a tsunami, attributed to me, are a fiction, a lie. In fact, for English Daily Mail has long had a reputation, which among the British themselves, to quote Wikipedia, "has a bad reputation because of the pursuit of sensationalism and bad fact-checking".
And now - about our nuclear missiles-the moles that can dig into the coastal territory of a potential enemy, and "sleep" there until the fighting team.
Did I then "discover America?". In Russia you any school pupil who has the computer, knows that that "Status-B" —is the Russian project of an unmanned nuclear submarine. The objective of the unit is the delivery of a nuclear weapon with the aim of hitting the important elements of the coastal economy of the enemy and causing him a guaranteed unacceptable damage by creating vast zones of radioactive contamination.

The project gained notoriety after an accidental broadcast on Russian TV of a presentation of the project report on the meeting of representatives of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation and defense industry with participation of the President 10 November 2015.

And on December 8, 2016 U.S. intelligence confirmed the practical test of an underwater drone with a nuclear power plant running from a Russian submarine "Sarov". It is curious that the us intelligence was expecting the appearance of the first working prototype no earlier than 2019, so the high readiness of the drone called in the Pentagon of "serious concern".


When I published in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" his article about the Russian "nuclear mole", many foreign media began to attack the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Pskov asking him to comment on it.
"Here you probably need to contact the newspaper, I just don't even know what it was about", he said.
Well, then they approachedd me. And I explained everything pretty clearly. Although foreign colleagues keep getting me with a question: "And "Status-6" already exists on  the American coast?". But here let me pointedly silent.
Trump-pam-pam and the big Bang

USA - as the permanent "champion of peace" has a  military budget, of nearly $600 billion. This is 10 times more than Russia. Even if you add up the military budgets of the top ten countries in the world - they still do not make it to the U.S.!  And here it turns out that for Donald Trump this is not enough. He intends to increase defense spending by $54 billion. This money would suffice on the maintenance of the 5 Polish armies. Or 10 Ukrainian (details)

Israel News Live quotes the following articles in Russian as confirmation of the Daily Mail article.

It turns out that the first article is a translation into Russian of an article from another newspaper, the Daily Star.


In the West they reckon Russia has planted deep water bombs capable of destroying the USA

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