Monday, 10 April 2017

Sane Progressive on US air strikes

New Syria Strikes, A TY to the RIGHT Opposing Missile Strikes, & Just WHO uses Chemical Weapons

Sane Progressive

Source list below, click SHOW MORE: 

As the corporate media decries the 'fringe right' who is opposes Syria criminal military strikes, a sincere THANK YOU. Also on just WHO has been PROVEN to use Chemical weapons (hint...its US).

Seymour Hersch/Obama Admin/Clinton Armed Rebels with Chemical Weapons to Frame Assad:
Emails confirmed this plan:
Saudi Arabia Armed Rebels Since 2012:
US Used White Phosphorus in Iraq/Arming Saudi Arabia W It for Use in Yemen:
Saudi Arabia Uses US Provided White Phosphorus Against Civilians:
Corporate Media Star Witness, Doctor involved in Islamic State Kidnapping Ring:
'Evidence' of Syria Chemical Attacks Shows workers handling bodies without protective gear:
Ex UK Ambassador on Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack: It Wasn't Assad:
Excellent article by Greenwald on the Democrats pledging allegiance to Trump & Military Industrial War State (only criticism is he pins blame squarely on Trump which is ludicrous, he is being directed by NOT directing war machine):
White Helmets Exposed:
Example of the Demonization of Opposition as Far Right White Nationalists:
Tulsi Gabbard Interview:
Tweets from Dem War Propagandists:
NEW Syria Strikes TODAY (April 8)

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