Sunday, 1 January 2017

Netanyahu may have warned Putin about an invasion of Syria

Prime Minister Netanyahu Drops a Bomb Shell on New Years Eve

31 December, 2016

According to the Russian news company the Kremlin as just released a press report that President Putin received a sudden phone call from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the briefing Netanyahu discussed the Israeli Palestinian situation – no doubt referring to the US non veto of Resolution 2334, and the fact that 70 Nations will meet in France on January 15th to push for a final resolution for Two States.

THe Russian Press report stated that the Two leaders also discussed the latest Syrian situation as well as the New Year greetings between the two leaders and a blessing for a good New Year.

But the Bomb shell came in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s closing remarks that the “Israeli army could launch an invasion into Syria”

What was the Prime Minister doing making such a provocative statement to the Russian leader, knowing That President Putin is vowed to protect the Syrian people. In considering Netanyahu’s actions I have wondered if the Prime Minister was intentionally leaking the broader plan of a surprised attack that may have included Israel in a NATO surprise attack. Something that Netanyahu may have been warning Putin about as a sort of Payback to the Obama administration.

Также отмечалось, что Нетаньяху признался Путину, в каком случае израильская армия может начать вторжение в Сирию. 

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