Monday, 16 January 2017

Debbie the Sane Progressive discusses the "Russia agenda"

Lest you forget Debbie goes into background on DNC faking of the primaries amongst other things.
US 2016 Presidential Election Was Indeed Hacked & It Was NOT Russia Who Did It

Debbie tears past the b.s. manipulation of a government trying to cover up where the REAL fraud occurred.

Election Fraud Blog with State to State Evidence:

Great article about how ELECTION FRAUD - Not Voter Fraud is REAL DANGER & WHY:

Great link of Obama contradicting his own claims about Election Fraud in his OWN WORDS:

Arizona Voter Registration Data Based HACK:

20 States Voter Data Bases Breached:

Blame Russia for the Breaches BUT if you look at ALL these articles they ALWAYS put in caveats and include no actual evidence - as they did here (two other CIA officials NOT SURE if its Russia):

Local News Video about DHS Breaching State Voter Roll Data Bases:
On Department of Homeland Security taking over Critical Infrastructure:

The Recommendations to Make Elections Critical Infrastructure ORIGINATED with DHS THINK TANK LAST JULY at SAME TIME James Clapper was saying Russia Claims were UNSUBSTANTIATED:

GREAT resources for understanding why Russia Narrative is Horse Crap:
James Corbert Video Going Through Actual Intelligence Report:

Jimmy Dore Great FIve Minute that Cuts through the BS - Great One to Share:

Two Sane Progressive Videos on the Russia Narrative - please go to the video descriptions in each one of these which will give you MANY more important links:

Washington POst list of Neo-Cons/DHS/CIA & War Industry Leads Endorsing CLINTON:

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