Friday, 9 December 2016

US military advisers trapped in Aleppo

US Military Advisers Maybe Trapped with the Enemy in Aleppo

8 December, 2016

The militants banned in many countries, including in Russia, the group “Dzhabhat en-Nusra” requested the evacuation of Syrian Aleppo. It is reported by the TV channel “Al-Manar” referring to the intermediaries by the militants, who have been negotiating with the government forces.

In general, power control for more than 90% of Aleppo. As of the morning, the terrorists held only nine quarters, and, in this area as the Middle East media reports, may be and the US military advisers.According to sources, Washington is now urgently trying to negotiate their evacuation.

So far, of these areas continue to withdraw civilians. Only they were able to leave more than 1,300 people over the past day, a third of them – the children. Refugee is accommodated in tents.

In the liberated areas in the east of Aleppo returns peaceful life. After years of war, people are going to rebuild their homes.

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