Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Paul Joseph Watson explodes the false Russian narrative

I don’t mind saying Paul Joseph Watson and Info Wars annoy the hell out of me, but in the present context I can’t fail Watson.

The Left” is the faux-Left – there is not Left in America today and as the illustration below shows both the Clintonites and the Trump followers are both fascist.

I don’t believe that there will be peace under Trump if he ever makes it into office and he certainly won’t “make America great”

He will preside over the collapse of Empire and catastrophe for the entire human species. He will indeed, be the worst president we have known – following the other two presidents who were, in their time, the worst presidents.

All that aside there is some truth to what follows below.

Paul Joseph Watson Dismantles Fabricated Russian Narrative

12 December, 2016

Paul Joseph Watson's latest video, once again, systematically deconstructs the hypocrisy of the left and their latest dangerous effort to undermine the entire 2016 presidential election by utilizing their friends in the media to spin the Russian election hacking narrative without a single shred of actual evidence. While the full video is posted below, as always below are a couple of our favorite lines.

On the left's inability to process their loss and willingness to risk anything and everything to have it overturned:

The post-election riots failed. The death threats against electoral college members failed. Jill Stein's recount failed. Your entire "fake news" narrative failed.
The left is willing to risk civil war in American and nuclear war with Russia because they're butt-hurt about losing. Let that sink in.

Not a single shred of evidence has been presented to support the claim that Russia hacked the election.

On the left's plotting to organize a coup by turning electoral college voters against Trump:

The left is now conspiring with rogue elements of the CIA to initiate an internal coup within the United States and overthrow a democratically elected President.

Let that sink in.

And, of course, the hypocrisy of the left that saw no problem with Saudi Arabia bankrolling Hillary's campaign...guess they didn't consider that to be a foreign government interfering in a U.S. election?

Isn't it funny how all you democrats who cry over foreign influence had no objection whatsoever to Saudi Arabia bankrolling Hillary's campaign. You had no problem taking all that George Soros money, did you? You had no problem with the Obama State Department overthrowing the government of Ukraine. You had no problem with Obama interfering in the U.K.'s referendum on leaving the EU.

And here is the full video...Enjoy....

CIA operative calls for second election

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