Monday, 5 December 2016

No radical changes at all in Washington

Trump Fills Up the Swamp, Dems Appoint Wall St Puppets: Party's Are OVER

Donald Trump is filling his cabinet with billionaires and establishment Republicans while his transition team reads as a who who of corporate lobbyists. The Democrats just reelected Pelosi to House Minority Speaker and put Chuck 'Wall St'' Schumer into Senate Minority Leader. NEITHER of these parties heard the cries of the American citizens in 2016 as they plow to move forward with EVERYTHING the American people just screamed to STOP.

Swamp Monster #1:
Trump Puts in Steve 'Foreclosure Machine' Mnuchin' into Treasure Secretary Position

Swamp Monster 2:
Secretary of HHS
Rep Tom Price of Georgia:

Swamp Monster #3:
Secretary of Education,

Tax Hikes for Lower/Middle Income/Tax Cuts for Rich
(Getting the idea yet):

MORE Swamp Monsters - Clinton Advisors Brought Into Special Advisory Board for Trump:

Democrats are NO better - Here they appoint Schumer to Minority Leader Position, A Swamp Monster in His Own Right:

Hillary Needs to Heal Says Trump:

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