Saturday, 10 December 2016

Guy Mcpherson is on his way home (almost)

Guy McPherson leaves Wellington

It has been an honour and a privilege to see Guy McPherson for the third time in four years. We were also fortunate to live in Wellington which provided a bit of a base for trips to the South Island.

This morning was Guy, Pauline and Kevin’s last morning here before travelling an hour up to coast for one final presentation.

Hopefully the three can enjoy a bit of well-deserved rest before Guy and Pauline wing their way home.

It has been amazing to watch as the degree of push-back and aggressive denial (except from one person on Facebook, but he is of no consequence) on this trip as people are starting to wake up to the fact that something major is happening.

Guy gave a ten-year timeline in his interview on the Paul Henry Show on his first day, although those of us in-the-know are expecting that, given wahat is happening right now in the Arctic, the writing is likely to be on the wall before 18 months are up.

Finally, thanks to Guy and Pauline for sharing their time and to Kevin Hester for his amazing generosity for bringing them out.

This video captures my final conversation wth Guy this morning.

Here is Guy's presentation in Wellington from last Monday - well worthwhile watching for its clarity

And a radio interview with greenplanet FM in New Zealand

And lastly, a bit of gallows humour

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