Thursday, 15 December 2016

"Fake news"

Arseholes who make my day NOT.

Not a day goes by I don't read this blog, and congratulations on your work. However, presenting stale news as though it is current news is as close as you can get to publishing fake news, and you do this on a fairly regular basis, this simply being the latest example. I went to use this posting on a post in my own blog, and then noticed that although you dated the piece as though it just happened, the report itself is dated November 2014. You do a great disservice to yourself and your readers by using such legerdemain to get your point across. Sorry to say this, but it is fake news, because, you see, there's nothing NEW about it.

On certain days I wake up feeling especially sick and off-colour and feel particularly sensitive about comments like the following.

The author of this attacks me for using an “out-of-date” article.

If this individual (who I take to be white, male and American) who wanted to use the piece for his own blog had taken the trouble to check he would have found that the piece is only a day old. It would have taken him less time to feed the headlines ito Google than it took for him to write his diatribe.

And yet this guy wanted to use the piece for his own blog!!!

I have been working on this blog for almost SIX years without remuneration (apart from some very generous donations) often working through feelings of exhaustion and ill health.

So sometimes I make mistakes, usually, like this time, with forgetting to get the date wrong or forgetting to insert the link to the original, or faling to correct “corrections” made by the predictive text on my computer.

Do I have to point out that this is a service and a personal blog. This is not a news outlet. There is only ONE person doing this me.

The vast majority of people are willing to overlook the little mistakes that creep in.

Not this creep.

Days like this and I feel like throwing my hands up and giving up – which,in my case, also means giving up on life.

I would like to invite Robert Lowry to f...k off somewhere else on the net and do his own work


  1. Hello Robin,

    You already know that you have lots of grateful readers, but just to give you a reason to continue.... In on the Canadian west coast... and look forward to checking in about this time of day and into the evening to watch for new stories to arrive. I very much enjoy your selection of stories. I know its a labour of caring for you, and that its probably exhausting. Accordingly, I probably should be a little more interactive. At any rate. Your blog, Zerohedge, reddit collapse, and very few other pages are my quick go-tos. Thanks again for providing what you do.

  2. What JavaKinetic above said is how I feel about your blog, too, so I apologize for coming off as such an asshole, as you say. I just got frustrated, and stupidly took it out on you, the one who brought me the information I needed, like biting the hand that feeds me. Am i insane?. As for using it on my own blog: "And yet this guy wanted to use the piece for his own blog!!!", my blog is only that, a web-log, so it's not a news site, like yours' is, or zerohedge. So I thought that was the reason why you post these items, to be used like news to educate, elucidate and spread to a wider audience. It doesn't appear that you alter articles, so I use your site like Naked Capitalism's, as a news source. Sorry. (and I have like 3 people that even look at mine, so I apologize if it looks like I'm trying to rob you) And yeah, now that I read your posting of it, it's just a mindless diatribe. That's so rude, and I am sorry; I wish I could take it back, because you don't deserve what I see now are really harsh words. I'm truly sorry.

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