Monday, 19 December 2016

Anonymous says US Courts Smash Clinton Coup Against Trump

Anonymous: US Courts Smash Clinton Coup Against Trump

A stunning new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that w:st="on"Americas mainstream propaganda media has gone completely silent after US Federal and State Courts this past week smashed the Hillary Clinton led planned Electoral College coup against President-elect Donald Trump—thus ensuring his victory.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, just hours ago (16 December in US) the United States District Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in the State of Colorado threw out the last challenge [Case No. 16-1482] to President-elect Trump’s victory by stating that the Electors suing to stop Trump from becoming president failed to point to specific provisions of the US Constitution that supported their argument.
This Tenth Circuit decision backing President-elect Trump, this report notes, followed Friday’s earlier US Federal Court ruling in California where US Federal District Judge Edward Davila, likewise, threw out a Hillary Clinton backed lawsuit [Case No. 5:16-cv-07069-EJD] seeking to sow Electoral College chaos—and that Trump’s attorney’s had previously responded to by filing the most extraordinary legal document in American history proving that Hillary Clinton was attempting to impose Iranian Islamic law upon the citizens of her country

Coinciding with the US Federal Court in California throwing out the Hillary Clinton backed lawsuit to overthrow President-elect Trump, this report continues, US Federal District Court Judge Timothy Burgess in Alaska, likewise, tossed out a last minute attempt yesterday to cause Electoral College chaos by stating that this process “is spelled out in the U.S. Constitution”—and that was preceded by US Federal District Judge Wiley Y. Daniel in Colorado doing the same thing, and US District Judge James L. Robart in Washington rejecting Hillary Clinton’s Electoral College coup attempt too.

In the US Federal Courts of the States of Alaska, California, Colorado and Washington complete smashing of Hillary Clinton’s attempt to overthrow President-elect Trump, as well as the State Supreme Court of Colorado, this report explains, these American jurists have laid bare the lie being spread by what is called the Hamilton Electors who say that the 538 members of the Electoral College are able to substitute their will over that of the over 100 million citizens of their country who voted for whom they wanted to be their next president. 

The main goal of these Hilary Clinton backed and supported Hamilton Electors, this report further explains, is to get 37 Republican Party Electors to violate their sworn legally binding oath to vote on 19 December for President-elect Trump and, instead, vote for Clinton (or someone else)—but that has, so far, only gained one “Faithless Elector” named Christopher Suprun, from Texas, who is, shamefully, soon to be under FBI investigation as a “stolen valor” criminal for his lies saying he was a 9/11 hero, when documents and records show he wasn’t even near New York City on that most fateful day when thousands of real American hero’s lost their lives.

Most astounding to note, however, about these US Federal and State Supreme Courts all throwing out Hillary Clinton’s attempts to overthrow President-elect Trump by subverting the Electoral College, Security Council experts in this report state, is that this nations mainstream propaganda media (who all colluded with Clinton to get her elected) has yet to inform the American people about it—choosing, instead, to continue publishing fake news stories in order to deceive the American people

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Even worse, this report grimly notes, any US alternative news site attempting to tell the American people the truth about what is really happening are now being met with the most restrictive censorship regime ever instituted in that once free nation—and that now includes Facebook (where 44% of Americans get their news) branding all news articles about Hillary Clinton’s total defeat in these Federal and State Courts as “fake news

And in what can only be described as one of the most farcical ironies ever foisted upon the American people, this report concludes, Facebook’s determination of what is to be labeled as “fake news” has been handed over to the billionaire Hillary Clinton supporter George Soros whose leftist forces have vowed to destroy President-elect Trump at all costs—and have, also, previously admitted that their main goal is to destroy all of Americas alternative news media sites forever.

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